What is usual to take/leave on selling a house?

I know carpets and curtains are often mentioned so clearly they can go either way. I am thinking mostly about a garden. I assume you take plants in pots but nothing in the ground? How about garden sheds?

If you are the buyer then these things need to be clarified via the estate agent if they are willing and then nailed down by your solicitor if necessary. I’m sure it is the case in the past that favourite shrubs have been uprooted and brought especially if they were expensive. It’s always worth risking looking like an ass by asking the questions rather than just hoping for the best. If the garden shed is not mentioned in the details then it might well be going if it’s removable.

A load of junk in the attic is not unusual to be left behind, so watch out for that.

When I bought I got it specified in the contract that the shed should stay. But I did also get left with the obligatory junk in the attic.

Well, at least you got a shed in which to put all the junk. :-GC

I bought a house in the late 90’s. Completed the pre-close inspection on the morning of the deal closing, everything was in order.

I got the keys and arrived back at the house as it was getting dark. None of the lights were working. They had taken the light bulbs!

They also took the lagging jacket from the hot water tank, toilet paper holder, towel rails, even the clothes line was gone. Curtains were included in the contract - unfortunately they had swapped the originals for super-cheap alternatives.

It was a Friday leading into a long weekend. Rather than transfer the gas bill into my name, they requested that a lock was put on the meter, cutting off heat until the following week.

I’m sure they were delighted with their cunning plan!!!

That’s funny. My mum would enver dream of moving without her attic stuff. She’s a hoarder!

Why do people think that it’s acceptable to behave like that.
Would they try to sell a car that had its headlights removed, completely empty fuel tank, sump drained of oil and all the tread shaved of the tyres.

I bought my house from a Man who was living there with his two sons and when I say it was filthy I mean vile !!!

The EA we used was actually lovely & he suggested going with me to inspect the house & I’m glad he did. The guy had left loads in the shed & attic. I made sure all that was gone before the keys were taken.