What Nation or State has the most liberal Planning laws?

This is something I have been thinking about recently.
I wonder from the collective experience the jet set here might ye offer any insights.

What I am trying to see is if there is a place where you can avoid the tyranny of the tribe.

Some territories have large shanty towns but usually that is symptomatic of lax enforcement and not the absence of planning rules & regulations. I imagine the US might be the most progressive in this respect but its a big place. I guess it varies widely from State to State county to county.

I suppose peoples experience of planning in other countries is a start so I’d love to hear the anecdotes.

I’ve seen geodesic domes in Vancouver and somewhere in the midwest of the States if that’s what you’re asking! :nin

Cavan seems to have the most liberal planning laws in Ireland. And thats why you can pick up a large detached home with parking garage for 200k. Theres loads of them on Daft. The same house in Waterford would be at least double that price.

Have a look at Singapore. Its approach is something that was advised to Ireland in the 70s, and it may be that the Govt of Singapore read that report and implemented it, while we did the usual- nothing.

Basically when land is rezoned, the state purchases it at the existing use value (i.e. Agricultural, which is near zero), plus a very small premium. The state then sells 99 year leases to property developers on the open market in a tender process, having dictated both its use and its density. The developer also has to pony up development levies for the provision of the public infrastructure.

The kicker is that after 20-30 years, the government gets paid another fee if the leaseholders wish to extend the lease. This usually happens when there is a desire to redevelop the property. The state then also gets another bunch of development levies. The state never sells the freehold. There is also a stiff annual property tax, and stamp duty.

Funny thing is that no landowner (ie Farmer) ever lobbies for a rezoning. No meetings in pubs, no cash, no political contributions, cause if they get rezoned they will lose their home, and business.

The Republic of Singapore has around $500BN in the bank, nobody’s quite sure as it’s a state secret, no debt and a maximum income tax of 18%.

They also have a chat with you if you aren’t married or haven’t bought a property at “30”. :nin

Thats also the way its done in other european countries. Nobody is allowed to get a multi million euro windfall, just because they were lucky enough to have a farm near a growing town.

Those multi million windfalls are paid for by all first time buyers in the high cost of housing. Its beyond ridiculous. Any people that accept such a system are the dumbest type of sheeple.

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Somalia? If you can defend it, you can build it.

Would you call that liberal?

there are only 40 or so states where the rule of law actively exists for planning.

I imagine none of them are in any way more liberal, except that some will give more scope for bribery than others.

Among big metros, Houston, Texas, has had significant growth over the past decade but it avoids booms and busts, while having the cheapest big city housing in the US.

They give a big PFO to Nimbies!!

Fed Bank of Dallas report:
dallasfed.org/research/houst … b0801.html

Yeah and neither would sell as they’re still overpriced. :unamused:

Thats fascinating and all rather Ironic. Thanks for that insight.

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Houston. dollar store, church, strip club. repeat.