What News did you miss? - Friday Sept 22nd Wrap Up

What stories have been missed this week that are more important than menace stale Bread & Circus - what’s been buried in the hysterical coverage of the bought and paid for menace media.

Including reposting existing topic link already posted on the pin.

Compared to the Sept 20th Festival of Fake outside the Regime Palace, this story presents as a serious and very real threat. More at large willing to act and cause injury maybe even death assailants attacking the Harris Specials.

Archived link (readable): https://archive.ph/TbODi


UK censorship Bill

The UN SDG meeting…

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Smoking kills - Dublin Airport Stabbing Terror Attack was only 5 days ago, real weapon, real injuries, really swept under the rug, or so it feels.

Rapist working in nursing homes for 16 years between 300/400 families contacted.


20 mins in between 350/400

Back in the Day shit like this would bring down a government.



Reminder: Hazel Chu and the Greens think that immigration checks amount to racial profiling. Even rapists deserve a safe place to work :wink:


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I think it’s important to “say his name” and remember it and repeat it to others Emmanual Adeniji

Sources have confirmed twisted rapist Emmanual Adeniji (52) entered the State from Nigeria without a valid visa in the year 2000 - before, shortly afterwards, lodging an application for asylum claiming he was the victim of religious persecution.