What price is property actually selling for in Ireland


Sorry if this question has been asked allready, but have searched and cannot find recent info.

Does anyone have any info / know where I can find information on what property is selling for at the moment in Ireland i.e. what % below the advertised price is it selling for? :question:

I have been following Daft for 6mts + now and while some prices are being reduced I am not seeing that many with reduced price on them. Is this because the EA’s are simply not advertising price reductions? :question:

Thank you Helen :smiley:

Anecdotaly 25% off the asking price- don’t think we can confirmation though as EA.s are keeping schtum

You have touched on a big point - TRANSPARENCY- which is non-existent. It seems to be ok to put a guide price on a property but not release actual sale price!! I think that if this were to happen then to the buyer property would fall to affordable rates- to the EA it would mean a crash…

We might be able to change that… watch this space.

I can’t answer your question unfortunately However, I’m not long moved back from the UK and while I was selling up, I signed up for a service which provides some transparency… my last up date… North West London prices any good to ya!!! :wink:

I look forward to the day when I can answer your question… and we’re not being fed a load of tripe by the VI’s inflating price reports…


If you pull that off, you’ll never have to buy a drink again!

Seeing as the government and estate agents wont allow transparency in the market then we need a website that people can post the selling price of houses in a particular area without identifying the exact house , so people will know what a house of a particular size/quality in a general area is selling for. OTher people who may have knowledge of selling prices in area could verify “sold prices” posted on the website anonymously. Maybe some estate agents will post the real “sold prices” anonymously and their posts can be verified by other site members thru a reputation scoring system on the site. Just an idea , but im sure theres ways such crucial market data can be made public even with current crap laws/regulations etc

No. there is no info in Ireland.

that’s part of the reason the banks are able to peddle the lie that the developer loans are still worth more than a liquid fart.

property in ireland is worth what people will pay on the way up, and whatever the banks and developers want to pretend to themselves on the way down.

you as a tax payer will be paying the difference between what the bank loaned the buyer to pay for his ten times levereged field outside termonfeckinn and what people will buy it for.

and because the developer has too many stories about bribing fianna fail councillers he will never be brought to booki.

not a conspiracy theory



Why not use this website and the local knowledge of the people on this site

Just start adding Recommended prices on the data base

The Revenue has information. However the lack of postcodes in Ireland is also a problem. Noel Dempsey promised in 2005 that we would have postcodes in January 2008

dcenr.gov.ie/Press+Releases/ … y+2008.htm

“A postcode is a vital piece of infrastructure for a modern developed economy!”

Which explains why we do not have it. We are not a Modern Developed Economy and are being run by morons like Dempsey.

FORTUNATELY there is a system !!!


Everybody go out there and find out what their 3.5kmx3.5km box is , eg KA2 or KX6 for starters , here.


If you want within 50 metres you get a code that is something like KP7 41J9 but the 2 letter and 1 number database is a good start for now and locates 3.5 x 3.5 km squares

the main grid is here so you can figure it out


This system is compatible with Garmin GPS :nin


Thank you for all replys. I agree that it would be great if people who were buying at the moment could list the purchase price here, they would not have to state actual property address just the area, advertised price and the offer they made that was accepted then it would give everyone more of an idea of % drop.

I had planned to buy this quarter but looking at the situation am now putting off till poss 1st quarter nxt year in the hope of further drops. Have found however that as I am looking to move from UK to Ireland only information is being gained from net and there appears to be verry little of that anywhere but here, so gaining a true picture of reality of situation is difficult.

Helen :smiley:

We should just start using that.
Feck waiting for an post or the government to sort it out, and if they do they’ll spend a fortune and waste alot of money.
That’s simple, it works, and it’s non-proprietary.

I may just start putting it on envelopes.

Hi Helen

We would all love to see real price data but at the moment this is not available due to privacy issues.

I suggest you may want to continue looking at the Irish market before making any decision to buy. I think most people here think we are in for a good few years of house price declines as our bubble was even bigger than the one in the UK.

It would be interesting to see what house sale prices would register here but the reality is that their would be no way to verify if the posted prices were correct so it would be of limited use.

EA’s have started to turn, and are now talking up the price drops. They’ve recognised that people expect prices to drop 30% or more and so are busy telling us that the drops have already been huge, in the hopes that people will stop waiting for more drops. They’re even using inflation (something they were loath to do on the way up) to make the drops sound bigger.


friend of mine sold his house only this week waiting for the check to come down
bought in portlaois 2005 3 bed semi 196k
sold for 180k including contents
this house was selling of plans 2006 235k
when he paid solicitors & ea he has to take a personal loan out 13k to pay negative equity
he going to rent for a year and buy dudlin 22 as prices are down 100k since 2006
his own estate agent told him he was lucky to sell because way things are going that his house would be worth 140k next year

Smart cookie. Many others in his situation would have continued to hold out leaving them in an unmanageable amount of negative equity.

Is it easy to find out the addresses of new houses sold…We could start sending letters to the new home owners.


In the suburb of Cork where I used to live, I know that a decent 3 bedroomed semi-d went for €360,000 at peak. The same type of house is not at an asking price of €300,000.

There might have been some high profile 30% falls, but for the vast majority we’re at 15-20% falls from peak prices two years ago.

Wow, that’s what I call a blinkered view. You openly admit to having your house “over priced” (even the use of the word discount implies your eventual selling price was a reduction from its “true” value), then go on to blame other sellers of keeping their houses over priced while all the time blaming it on the EAs.

I am completely in favour in a proper price listing mechanism being put in place.

And interested in how something could be done via the Pin???