What price should this house be on sale for?

Hi Pinsters,

Interested to know what you think this house is worth? The asking price is €295k, I know there was a house in this estate for sale for over three years and finally dropped to this price earlier in the year. So surely this asking price must be slighlty off? I would very much welcome opinions on whether the house is overvalued, and what sort of price you think it would go for?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … re/1934242

Looking forward to hearing from ye!

I don’t know but I like the name! Jigginstown :smiley:

. I had a shop round the corner from this small cul-de-sac estate until a couple of years ago ,but despite this neither I nor almost anypody could give you an informed opinion unless they are Naas property experts. Certainly it’s very close to the Main Street (which has died a death in the last few years) and it’s a couple of mins to the motorway. But it’s a long way to the nearest station at Sallins.

Some people say Dublin house prices are have stabilised whilst country properties have yet to fall. Naas isn’t Dublin but it’s not that far out so it’s anyone’s guess how the market will go there. I’d be surprised it you could get much off that price.Others -especially on this website -will disagree saying it’s overpriced. Personally, I think it looks well, fair space, decent location for the area and it’s not on a vast anonymous estate like on the Sallins side of town.