what price this house - Kilmainham.

myhome.ie/residential/search … GKLL407736

The price is E425,000 - it actually says so in the advertisement :wink:

221 no more no less would be my offer here

This is not your traditional “its too high” response.

They have done a nice job and I like it but it is still a bit on the small side for me.

It is also unaffordable at 400k even if you were in the top 10% of earners who are on over 50K PA (2006 figure iirc)

at that price an ftb needs 80k deposit 80% LTV, others need 101k (21 k stamp duty)

remaining 320k costs 1600/1700 a month to service over 25 years

  • maybe around 300 it would start to look like a better option.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

150k - 200k but I don’t know much about the area

The area is meant to be ok despite the fact its surrounded by dodgey ones.

For 400k, in that area I’d be aiming for one on this road.
myhome.ie/residential/search … JKMM391036

my friend sold in drimnagh and bought around there - they got a good deal on both transactions - I have visited a few times and I agree that it is a nice area - there are some shops, IMMA, a launderette. The rialto side leaves a lot to be desired - the area north and north east of the hospital is not so nice but but the luas is bonus. The kilmainham park is really nice, all the universities have rowing clubs on the north side of the liffey and there are bike paths down there.

The asking price of 19 Mt Shannon is already down from 800 to 600 -


If you had 100k pa salary and 100k savings you could buy it for around 400*

  • unless you are insane - i.e. 21st century Ireland where people were leveraged up to the hilt:


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I live in the area. It’s okay but has its moments. These houses don’t have gardens either.Laneway down the side of Brookfield used by drug addicts to shoot up etc. Not for me and over priced in my opinion

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Went to see similar nicely renovated houses on this road over a year ago that were asking 575k ish if I recall. Ah the madness. Everytime we visited there were some junkie hovering around the entrance to James’s Hospital trying to use the payphone. Proximity to Rialto not exactly a plus either.