What qualifies as a bargain?

An island dwelling perhaps ? daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=398858&search=1

Looks fuppin brilliant!!!

Although I would check whether it has electricity

From the generator sitting in the corner of the first photo, I would doubt it!

Or perhaps

I’d say this place was bought for less that 3000 grand in the 90’s.

Still a long way to go down so.

Not this.
charlesmccarthy.com/brochure … ropid=1189
Spotted it a few weekends ago and thought to myself that it would be nice project if you could get your hands on it for 50K.
Stunned when I went home and found the actually guide price is 550k

I know someone that owns entire islands. They are a bit pointless.
Not many people are interested in buying them, there are no utilities etc.
What are you going to do with it? Live there?

The reality is often very different to the dream. A bit like owning an expensive sports car - you end up worrying that it’ll get scratched or stolen, or all the other associated overheads.

Someone would steal my island? Treasonous.

Getting it scratched can be just as bad. Some people are very clumsy with their yachts.


Island - check!
Gold - check!
Beans - check!
Guns ‘n’ Ammo - check!


Unusual and rare opportunity to aquire a detached dormer style bungalow located on a mature one acre site with spectacular views of Lough Ree.

…from the middle!

…visible when standing on the chimney.

What qualifies as a bargain?

To quote an ex General Manager I used to work for … “A bargain is something you need at a price you’re happy to pay”

Blue Horseshoe