What Retail-excellence thinks of Noonan’s claims.

My friend is an independant operating in the bargin end of the female market (sub €15 for a top) and the margins are 300-400%.

But than again he does spend alot of time sourcing his stock in the UK and Europe.

They are indeed. Yankee Candles normal price 26.50, picked a load of them up for 13.99 each. Bag and accessory shop that I regulary look around 50% off bags that are normally in and around 50 - 100 euro.

Had my eye on a GHD in Boots a couple of weeks ago was going to leave it until January, picked it up for 50% less on Saturday.

Perfumes around 30% off.

I am personally finding incredible value around the shops this year.

newstalk also had some rep on saying that sales numbers were disappointing over the weekend just gone.
As you say though, can you ever really trust what a vi says? :angry:

there isn’t enough volume outside large cities for that type product. If the customer wants that product they’ll go to Pennys.

You have children? Babies?

This is like learning that Sauron pushes a pram.


My own opinion of visitor numbers to Dundrum - the traffic snarl up that blights the area is no worse now than any other time since 2009. I pop in there occasionally to get something and have found it to be relatively quite in recent times.

I’d be surprised if number were not down on a couple of years ago

or perhaps…

channel4.com/programmes/the- … /episode-1

Dundrum appeared very busy on Saturday when I was there with nippers and pram, we did however leave with fewer bags than we arrived… same number of kids though.

There was a longer queue outside Hollister than I ever saw for Santa in Switzers in the 80’s… Can’t fault their strategy as it seems to work on the numpties. I can’t find a link but there was an article on their sales figure slast week.

Looking at the calendar with Christmas day falling on a Tuesday I would guess many may try to be done with it all before that weekend so they can travel, relax sooner / maximizing time off. Then again it might be the total opposite, with many leaving it right up to Sunday and the monday used to travel and so on.

I’m surprised Hollister is still popular.
Along with A&F (same company), sales are beginning to wane.

All fads must pass. I went into an A&F shop in London for one of my kids a couple of years back. I felt like a granddad, it was so dark and disorientating I couldn’t wait to get out of it.

Not so - seems to be the international market is where it is at for them now - share price jumped a few weeks ago

reuters.com/article/2012/11/ … WD20121114

I was in Dundrum yesterday at 3pm and was shocked at how quiet it was. Any wet Sunday afternoon at any time of year would be busier imo ( we live beside it and have to put up with the traffic so I know ). We expected to queue for everything but nope. As for spending, 2 coffees and a fizzy drink for the young lad - for 3hrs arseing about.
It’s a cheap way to spend a Sunday.

Found Dundrum quiet on Saturday. Got there for 1pm, hoping I wouldn’t be queuing from Wesley - was shocked to sail in, and into a parking space. Came out of there around 4pm and didn’t see loads of cars circling for spots, nor did I see a blocked off entrance anywhere. As someone said, I’ve seen busier wet sundays.

Was in town yesterday, hit Grafton st area for 2 and Henry st are for 4. No issues with parking or getting around. A couple of longish til queues but no panic really. Some increased footfall but not the expected blitz.

Was in Kildare Village last Sunday and was surprised by the low footfall. Normally any weekend in December means overflow car park.

As a seasoned Dublin Christmas (grumpy) shopper I think it’s bad it out there. I’ve heard stories of mobbed Blanchardstown alright, and I haven’t been to Liffey Valley but I think the free-parking is grabbing the country shoppers seeking bargains - I wouldn’t be surprised if vendors in the regional towns were getting massacred.

Furthermore, we’re getting stuff cheap. I think there’s a shift in the retail mindset towards volume over unit margin. I’m literally looking at a sale price, walking up to the till and asking ‘how much?’ when I realise they’re marking another 10-20% off at the till.

On the plus side, me and the other half are on good terms still despite all the shopping trips. It must be the reduced footfall and quicker parking keeping me in a good mood.

On the down side, I’ve been accosted by some pretty aggressive begging as I leave shops and carparks - they seem to have acquired the skills of chuggers and are now on their feet and getting in peoples way.

online retailers have to be hurting the physical bricks and mortar stores irrespective of a recession
it is just so much more convenient for most people

i got five presents on one stall beside the powerscourt and they negotiated a small discount


REI pushed forward their Part I Dec Trading Statement from the 13th to the 14th but still remains empty as of today the 15th, retailexcellence.ie/index.ph … ment-2012/

Perhaps it’s bad and they had decided to hold bad?

My own obsrvation today which is the second last Saturday before Christmas and traffic in the city is lighter than normal at noon which does not bode well for the city centre.

As a shopper who only ever goes in to somewhere with the intention of spending money, I can tell you that either that statement is not true or most retailers are very bad at their jobs :smiley: