What shape will the recovery be?

Constantin Gurdgiev on RTE Radio 1 with Pat Kenny just said it looks like the economic crisis in the US is looking more likely to be a W shape.

I think it will be shaped like a forward slash.

my money is on a g shaped recovery

I think the recovery will be: 中國 shaped…

More likely to be 中国制造.


I reckon Ireland’s recovery will be rollercoaster-shaped:

Apt - as everyone will spend the whole time screaming for the damn thing to stop and just want to do it all over again when it finishes!

however, being a little clever and seperating your characters has me guessing:
YM: in china
Coles2: made in china (or systematically made in china)


Smart chap. Now, how quickly can you do the Times crossword? We might have a position for you taps nose

Actually, I disagree with you there Coles2 - I think China will recover… for the rest of us, well…

take yis er mandarins out of this thread :exclamation:

Cascading reversed j’s
Or cascading toilets

If we’re talking rollercoasters…this might be the most appropriate one
altontowers.com/theme-park/t … /oblivion/

Said it before Bath shaped!.. :frowning:

I figure it will be this shape:

Like Brian Cowen’s left breast. It’s the sign of the end times.

I reckon it will be < shaped, depending on who you are :nin