What should I price this at?

hI pinsters,

Long time lurker here, first post so go easy on me!! We’ve had our house on the market for quite some time now - we’ve had a bit of interest but its been mostly nosy neighbours tbh. It was on at 260,000 iirc, now we are thinking of putting it down to circa 180,000. Can anyone tell me if thats pie in the sky or actually close enough to what its worth. Our 2 ea’s arent much help. Thanks again guys.


Hi, had a quick search for 4 bed houses in Waterford listed between 150K and 250K, you have a fair bit of competition from newer houses, some with en-suites or a 3rd bathroom in the 180-220K range. The decking and wood floors adds to the property but being an apparently older build does deter some buyers. One thing for sure is that you are correct in your assumption of the need to go sub 200K if you want to sell IMO
I think that you need to decide your lowest price which you would accept, add maybe 10-15k to it for listing purposes to allow some room for negotiation and list it at that, it is a buyers market and only percieved good value will sell, i.e. what the buyer believes to be good value, what anyone else things does not matter.

Good luck with it!!

The only way to sell it is to be the lowest price in the area for the same number of beds. Maybe just maybe the good condition of your house will make a difference, but all that good work you put in wont raise your selling value that much Im afraid. You could be lucky and get a fussy buyer that wants that ‘turn key’ condition but you could end up loosing a lot of money waiting around for that buyer.

Thanks for the replys guys. We have decided on 180k, most of the 3 bed new builds are going for that and tbh they are mostly on unfinished estates with no facilities. We can drop a bit more than that, and we are no where near negative equity yet (famous last words!!) but we are emigrating as soon as we can so we need to either get a decent price or we’ll end up renting it. Right I just need to find my whip and get down to the EAs.
Thanks again pinsters, you lot are not as scary as I thought :smiley:

lovely house good luck hope you have a bidding war :wink:

73k no more no less

wait for the germans to leave the € or so say the completely unbiased british media

Are you sure the Blaas will cross the bridge for 180K?

I think you’re mad to cut the price from €260,000 to €180,000 in one fell swoop.

Cut it by €20,000 every fortnight or so and see are there any nibbles.


I think the time for playing games is over. If you can make a sale at 180k without
losing money and move on with your life, well…count yourself very lucky.
The good condition of your home might get you a sale above others in the
area if it is seen as good value and I don’t mean just 10 or 20 grand less.

Supply, unemployment, emigration and a negative outlook are increasing every day
while at the same time we are running out of credit, optimism and fools (theory of the greater fool).
Best of luck.