What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs

Central Bank (Ireland)




independent.ie/opinion/analy … 47118.html

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This is a brilliant sticky! If I come across any quotes, I’ll be sure to add. We should all be trawling for more of these little gems!

I’m starting to think dedicated pages with picture of each talking head beside said quote. Perhpas we should have avatar size or dbl avatar as standard 64x64pxels or 128x128 pixels.

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We could have a new forum with quotes, a thread to each personality talking head. Yes it would add volume to the site but woudl be good for posterity.

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Not a quote per say, but I thought it was apt as it sums of the comments of many bank and property economists.

Here’s a choice quote from David McWilliams wannabe, Marc Coleman in the 2006 Quarter 2 daft report. As you all remember, the end of Q2 2006 marked the beginning of the decline in the Irish housing market.

Oh dear.

“The best has yet to come”…

Mark Coleman is the journalistic equivalent of Fr Noel Furlong (Graham Norton) from the Fr Ted caravan episode.

Crashandburn on would happen here as soon as price-dropping was reported by the media (May 28 2007).

Call in the National Guard in anticipation of this stampede :unamused:

Dan desperately tries to kickstart interest in the 'september selling season ', 24th August 2007. 2pack gets in with his comments before the fact .


Mary Ellen Synon had a nice little attack in the Daily Mail yesterday (my girlfriend is collecting the Attenborough dvds). The bold headline caught my eye,
She had a good line about Comical where he predicted last year, 7% growth in HPs for 2007 and now he is saying there should be government intervention now to prevent a hard landing, `She said " You were wrong then, you are wrong now". She points out when he predicted the 7% he said we were in line for this providing the government didn’t interfere in the property market with some disasterous well meaning intervention.

She also made some good points about how government intervention got us into this mess in the first place with relief and incentives. She made an analogy about how property was a tumour on the lungs of our economy which could take us all down and Austin was suggesting we smoke another cigerette.
The part I liked best, although I’m not fond of her as a journalist was were she spun Austin’s quote saying a leading IIB economist says we are in for “a hard landing”. This was taken out of context but it was great to see Austin spun.

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She did know a former gov of the BoE quite well so maybe she learned a thing or two about basics economics. It looks like it was a well written article from her.

Not exactly a VI quote, but an anecdote that relates to the Irish property market which I thought I’d share with you all.

A guy got into my taxi around late Febuary/early March 2006 and began the usual small talk that goes with taxi journeys. He seemed a very savvy business type and the subject moved onto the economy in general, and property in particular. He took to have a bit of craic with me about taxi drivers having second properties, and asked whether mine were in Turkey or Bulgaria (!!), to which Johnny replied that he had the one roof over his head in Dublin, thank you very much, and that was it. As he got out, the guy then said, “All joking aside, if you have any extra property in Ireland sell it now. Don’t wait any longer, but offload it now. March of this year is the peak, and March of 2007 will see the first major signs of downturn.” He then said that Winter 2007 would see carnage in the market. This wasn’t a bland “It can’t go on forever…” rant, but the guy actually predicted it, practically to the month.

If that wasn’t enough, later the very same day, the wife of a major property VI in Ireland (won’t name him) also got into my car. I related the earlier predictions I’d been told, to which she replied with the usual VI guff and spin about “bricks and mortar never loses, etc, etc”- I’ll spare you all the ráiméis, you know the score.

When you get two polar opposites, invariably one is either totally wrong, lying or a bit of both. No prizes for guessing who in this case.

you should start a taxi man blog! I’m sure it would be fascinating! :slight_smile:

Interesting to see the VIs were still spinning the yarn on the one to one basis.

A Deputy Governor actually. She ratted him out to the Sunday Mirror which did an exposé with this utterly classic front page tabloid headline

“The Bonk Of England”

She is usually referred to in the tabloids as ‘The Bonk of England’ ever since and not as Mary Ellen Synon.

Background here

findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_q … 14345/pg_1