What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


She is right though.


What home for the bewildered is she in again?


Fuppin Gombeens, Encourageing everyone to be a cute hoor, and screw the system.

This is what is wrong with the country


from the same article and also very strange:
Ms White said “Pensioners have worked all their lives. They now have no method of accruing income for themselves. And with the disastrous erosion of their savings, many of their houses in negative equity, I believe they are in a perilous situation”.

Huh? The only way that pensioners could be in NE is if they re-mortgaged the house and spent the money. I know a lot of pensioners lost tonnes of money on bank-shares but is this that where they got the money for the shares?


and there was the late Mick lally doing that ad on the telly/radio telling pensioners that they could sell part of their home for cash so they too could buy a 42" telly



And then there was this ad. Part of AIB’s ‘Success’ range. :angry:

It’s a tough trade, and the actor doesn’t appear to have been particularly busy since.


I notice he’s now advocating that the government give all depositors with over €20,000 - that is, those people who didn’t go mad in the propery bubble or “fill their boots” with his beloved AIB shares - a 10% haircut:




:open_mouth: :open_mouth: Is this man for fucking real? To think he has been appointed by Brian Lenihan to an advisory board on mortgage debt! It just beggars belief. The man should be arrested for his role in the pyramid scheme.
edit: This probably deserves its own thread. It’s an example of how the same people who played a significant role in creating the absolute mess this country is in, are still in positions of influence and power.


+1. From the vid -
BB: “I might regret it later.”
Dobson: “Ha ha, on your head be it.”

Except he’s kept his head, and what’s more has been well rewarded into the bargain with his appointment, which should slightly ease the pain of his personal shareholding losses.


Burgess has influence??? Flatulence more likely. The mans a self important old fool.


Yes he does.See above.
edit: added to that his influence on AAM is significant on its own, but now he has the imprimatur of the Minister of Finance.


David Drumm and Robbie Kelleher from October 2006. :laughing:


stock picks from kelleher

crh, anglo and INM



I hope he bought them himself and is refusing to sell them for less than they’re worth


Gormless minister for the environment:

Asked about Government denials of talks with the IMF, he said the distinction between discussions and negotiations ‘was a Jesuitical one’ that went over the heads of most people.

I’m boiling with anger at stuff like this.



That would be an ecumenical matter!!



I didn’t think it was possible to detest a Green any more today. Thanks.



Normally a jesuitical argument would be a nonsensical one, no? Splitting hairs and the like?

So what I think he is saying is that it is pointless to distinguish between discussions and negotiations. The IMF are here doing what the IMF do no different to anywhere else. No?

For once I think he is calling it a spade.

edit: also a bit of a dig at the Belvedere boy…


Not a vested interest, as such:

h/t Stephen Kinsella stephenkinsella.net/2010/11/ … -coming-3/