What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


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Doesn’t it though? Such good hair, but those glasses and a checked jacket!


Can someone summarise the Youtube vid? Sorry, can’t watch.



John Fitz: Tax cuts and asset tax relief and property incentives and overinvestment now are going to blow up. Excess tax should be saved to invest when the economic cycle turns…
Bertie: feck dat, spend, spend, spend


anyone know what year?

Harney sai that cutting tax wouldnt cause inflation. what a clueless cunt


Wow. Thanks to whoever put that up. That’s going straight into an e-mail to my nearest and dearest.

The year was 200 according to the video description.




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Might as well have been written in the book of revelations in bible I don’t think Bertie would have paid any heed to it.


Actually she’s correct on that point, but, not necessarily for the reason she thinks. The expansion of the money supply is what inflation is. Remember we had monetary inflation in the 70s & 80s even with massive tax rates and overall prices of most goods still rose. There was no call by the ESRI to raise the fractional reserve ratio in banks, that one step would have made the most difference to cooling the housing market.


Doorstepping MoS journalist: ‘Minister, are you ashamed to be out drinking after cutting the minimum wage?’
Batt O’Keefe TD: ‘F*** off.’

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ssion.html



major stichey up.

He deserves it.


I had a chat with her about this on Twitter today. Hilarious (I’ll put the conversation in chronological order later):

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Not a VI as such either, but former President Mary Robinson in an interview with the Sunday Times:
**She said that while a lot of blame could be put on people with political responsibility and in charge of the banks, “it’s our own mistake as Irish people, collectively”. Robinson said that “greed was the main problem”. **

She is so right and greed is still the problem.


No.6, Can we learn from Ireland’s experience? An Irishman’s Perspective -> nzbr.org.nz/site/nzbr/files/ … pb_no6.pdf
7 June 2005, Colin Lynch


Absolutely classic quotes from other VIs in the US!!

The increase in housing inventory might help push prices higher, said Marilyn Newell of the Platinum Group Realtors in the Springs and another Realtors Association board member. A surplus means buyers have more choices and homes on the market must be well-kept and competitively priced, she said. “Because we don’t have as many buyers,” Newell said, “they have the luxury of going with the home that is in perfect shape.”

June supply of homes highest in 17 years" by Rich Laden, Colorado Springs Gazette.

“In Jackson [Wyoming], the market does not really go down,” said (realtor) Linda Walker. Broker Ryan Olsen agrees. “We are immune to the up and down treads that plague many real estate markets,” he says. “Our real estate market is essentially quite ‘bullet proof’!”

“Un-Real Estate” by Jake Nichols, on Planet Jackson Hole.


IMF April 2006

imf.org/external/pubs/ft/gfs … f/chp2.pdf


Came accross these Gerry Ryan quotes on Boards.ie (it’s a bloody slow day ) - following on from the shocking revelations that he was a cocaine user


Bertie’s regrets on leaving public office

You might be able to catch a snippet of the brief chat with the Bert on the 6.1 news or the 1 O’Clock news online. There seems to be a moment where a woman walks up to him to berate him and after she walks away he says that anyone would say anything to get on the television!
Gordon Brown’s bigot moment to Gillian comes to mind


Michael Noonan (FG) referred to house buyers on 4 February: “People are now buying at the bottom of the market.”
Simon Coveney (FG) has just called the bottom of the market on 5 February: “There’s fantastic value out there.”