What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


Newstalk explains that they are not being sponsored by Fianna Fáil


Be careful, Cowen warns home buyers -> rte.ie/news/2006/0413/property-business.html
Thursday, 13 April 2006

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RTE - 6th April 2006. Bertie Ahern at the IMI conference. Watch the news recording if you want to raise your blood pressure.


Have either of these ministers referred to the property market bottoming out since being elected?

Rock-bottom prices in February 2011 independent.ie/national-news … 26602.html


I think they may have passed their information on the S&P!


Did anyone read the lead story in the SIndo today, Jerome Reilly;

‘A RECOVERY in the property market is being stopped dead in its tracks by the banks, which are turning down at least half of all mortgage applications…With many experts now convinced that the market has gone below bottom’

The level of rage I experienced reading just one paragraph is difficult to communicate. This reads to me very much like a deliberate attempt to influence the attitudes of the reader through deliberate misrepresentation of the facts.
Misdirection # 1, where is this recovery? Surely it would have to have started to be stopped dead in it’s tracks. With his opening sentence he takes us from the facts - property prices are still falling as fast as they ever have, applications to mortgage approvals are down 80% since the 2006, etc. - to a fairly land where buyers are desperate to take advantage of the huge ‘value’ out there but are being prevented from doing so by the evil banks.
Misdirection # 2, many experts? REALLY. Who? For one thing I don’t actually think they exist and if they do I can be almost certain they were of the same breed of experts who predicted a soft landing.

After years of shameless cheerleading, causing many of their readers to suffer horrific financial losses and all the stress that goes along with negative equity, I am astonished that the paper has the cheek to lead with a story like this.
The media is so important in democracy, there has to be some kind of mechanism put in place to prevent this kind of thing from happening. If he wants to give his own opinions then it’s up to individuals to decide whether or not to listen. But using words like experts should at least be followed up with a reference to the source.

Is there any way we could start a new thread on this? I feel I’m getting a bit off topic on this post and I’m only getting started on this rant!


I lost interest in the article when I read the phrase “below bottom”, I could not rationalise that statment, it was like a div/0 error to a logical mind.


You should have lost interest at that point watch+wait. :laughing:


New thread on Objective Investor’s post here.


“Corporations are people, my friend.”
MITT ROMNEY, responding to a hecklers in Iowa who want higher corporate taxes.

Not our usual VI, but an honourable mention.

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The scary thing is, legally, he’s right.


He even doubled down! :open_mouth:

this is a real issue with a US SC decision about Corporate Personage or whatever.

Obama got plenty stick over “spreading the wealth” to Joe the Plumber (somewhat more offhand to some random punter who was annoying him) - this will be used to define him.

Love the Nelson Muntz type laughter in the background


Yep. Legally corporations are people. I remember it was something that was impressed upon me by my bus org teacher many years ago. The main reason to incorporate a small business in a limited company is so that if there are legal or financial problems then it is with the business. And if it gets really bad you can walk away. Because you’re an employee and the company’s problems aren’t necessarily your problems in the same way that they are if you’re a sole-trader (or unlimited company). She always said you’d be mad to be a sole-trader. If you’re a sole trader the can take away everything you possess if the business goes under.


the matter under debate recently has less (actually nothing)to do with limited liability etc. and more to do with Corporations buying political influence under the guise of “Free Speech” which used to be reserved for people (the kind with a heartbeat)

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_ … l_spending
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens_U … Commission

there was also the ATT Privacy Case - which went against the notion of corporation as person to a degree.



If corporations aren’t persons under US law then the ACLU, the NAACP, etc. don’t get constitutional protection for their advocacy and the NY Times or (insert favourite newspaper here) don’t get the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression.



It also provides the framework for charging individuals for corporate manslaughter etc.


"Today things are different. Ireland stands as a shining example of the art of the possible in long-term economic policymaking, and that is why I am in Dublin: to listen and to learn. "

George Osborne, Febrary 2006


He’s a Joe Smith Scientologist. I’m sure he believes in bigegr nonsense than this.



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