What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.



Fiona mcLoughlin of privateseller.ie on TV3 Midday monday December 12th 2011

“borrowing money to buy, the maddest investment is the stock market it makes the least amount of sense, the most amount of sense was to buy property as it is real and property hasnt gone down as much as stocks and shares”

tv3.ie/shows.php?request=midday& … ideo=43318

15.44 into the show.


Wednesday January 25 2006


I know this is supposed to be a thread of old quotes however in 2032 we might look back and go… you know she was right that Marian one…

January 3rd 2012*


*the date on the webpage itself is wrong, first working day of the new year, forgiveable…


Ergo the market is not overcorrecting. It is adjusting to the prevailing conditions.


another over correcting bottom in Dublin

breakingnews.ie/ireland/dubl … 36238.html


Ballsy saying we’ve a fair drop left to go … Oh the irony.


Ramblings of a moron?


Economic Growth Shows little sign of letting up

Huzza…oh wait…2006… https://www.forumsextreme.com/images/sSa_falltopieces.gif


The biggest, most bullish V.I. of them all… De Indo:

Googled for House Price Bottom on site:independent.ie

It’s a good time to buy a house, even if prices are still falling - 2012
House prices ‘continue to fall’ - 2012
House prices ‘have hit bottom and will stay there for years’ -2012
House prices ‘to fall until 2013’ - 2012
Maeve Sheehan: Bottom reached but banks must start to lend … 2012
Expect house prices to hit the bottom next year … 2012
House prices still haven’t hit bottom, say reports 2011
House prices still falling fast - 2011
House-price rebound to divide the country - 2011
House prices still falling after four years – now 45pc cheaper - 2011
‘House prices have hit bottom’ – and won’t be moving soon … 2011
House prices fall another 15pc – but have they hit the bottom … 2011
Latest figures show market could bottom out - Commercial Property - 2011
House prices still far from bottom, warns economist - 2010
Have we hit bottom? - House Prices, Property Plus - 2010
Lenihan says house prices now at bottom - 2010
The art of buying at the market bottom - Property Plus - 2010
House prices to fall further then reach bottom in '11, predict S&P - 2010
Prices bottom out as capital’s homes match NAMA discount … 2010
House-price drop will continue for another year - 2009
Average house prices down 7pc in 2007 - 2008
Paddy Power is betting on house price rises in 2007
House prices up by 13pc despite slowdown - 2006
House prices to keep rising but at a slower rate - 2006
House prices to grow by 10pc in 2005 - 2005
Growth in house prices to slow over 2005 - 2004
House prices set to fall from 2005 as demand slows down - 2003

Edited to add in comically biased front page headline.


You Sir are Fabulous! BD

Intermind never forgets.


from march 15th 2008, days before the paddy’s day masacre

independent.ie/business/iris … 18359.html



I walked by Dan Mc G on Thurs. Hard not to hit him. Any suggestions?

Edit: Ugly fucking cunt.


Boucher (French verb): to plug :open_mouth:


FG Senator Fidelma Healy Eames
independent.ie/national-news … 03574.html


“Landlords are some of the finest stock of people when it comes to protecting vulnerable people”
Karl Deeter, mortgage broker & landlord, Radio1 1130 17/12/12


Any minute bit of respect I had for Karl has now evaporated.


Even I struggle to believe that.


He’s probably not very pro tenant.

public.prtb.ie/2011%20Disputes/2 … 6.2011.pdf


I’m open to correction, but I believed KD’s first TV appearance was on Prime Time as a sample negative-equity investor, discussing that very property in Longford.

One must admire the speed at which he morphed into media financial expert.