What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


Splendid work. The pinster ‘truffle hog find of the year’


Brilliant, great find


That needs to be circulated to as wide an audience as possible.


What a complete moron. Marc Coleman #2.


Can someone send the Reddit link to Broadsheet?


It was just a comment in a thread. I had a look and I can’t find it now - it’ll be in my home history. I’ll post it here later, all credit to the guy who found it…

EDIT: here it is - reddit.com/r/ireland/comment … ho/cawcyqn


I’ve sent them a link to this thread. They mightn’t post because the Indo own the copyright.


That. Is. Glorious.


I just tweeted both articles to him. I’ll pass on any replies.


Who’s got a tattoo needle? There’s a fool waiting for his mark of being an utter tit… the sign of the breast, if you like…


Our property market is as dysfunctional as ever, but like a person out of luck, hell bent on keeping up appearances, we’ll do everything we can to avoid letting the rest of the world know it. -** Karl Deeter, The Journal, 3 October 2013**


Ballsy O’Connor is at it again.

independent.ie/opinion/colum … 74367.html

Smart, Ballsy guys, right?

I thought he was up to his neck in property?


Sold up in 2010:



Property investment. It’s all about



From Twitter

Marc Peter Coleman ‏@MarcPColeman 6h

@ubfid Judging books one hasnt read is a fool’s game. TBIYTC predicted crash & recovery by 2020. It will be right on both counts @urlofcork


His property timing is as good as his comedy.


Twas as good as most - if the court reports are anything to go by!


What would it be worth now do you think?


Did Fionnan Sheahan ever respond to tweets about this or say anything?


Minister of Finance on exiting bailout:
“This isn’t the end of the road. This is a very significant milestone on the road. We can’t go mad again”.