What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs

Drive a taxi around Dublin for a week and you’ll encounter two things from passengers:

  1. a simmering undercurrent of racism;
  2. Irish people’s utter fixation with property.

No offence Johnny but whenever I hop in a taxi that’s what the driver foists on me.

There was one driver, about a decade ago, who insisted on stopping the car and getting myself and my work colleague to look up at the supposedly visible Mir space station.

Then, there was the driver that kept me in the car for twenty minutes after arriving at my destination haranguing me about the Nice Treaty. And I was in agreement with him! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute, TUG. My own policy when driving is to speak only when spoken to, so I don’t initiate conversation. However, the above two points are what people invariably rabbit on about in my car, unprompted by myself.

Loathe though I am to admit it Dan got this much right .


None of these BoI Interest Rates, Applicable today, will be lower on the 31st of December 2007 will they Dan. Mark my words not his people.

bankofireland.ie/html/gws/pe … index.html

Well BoI changed these rates today. Here are the new ones.

Homeloan Fixed and Variable Rates for new customers
Product APR Annuity
Homeloan Variable 5.4%
Tracker Less Than E250k & LTV <92>92% 1-Yr Disc. ECB +0.65% Rolls to ECB + 1.15% 5.2%
Tracker >€250k & E500k ECB +0.75% for the Term 4.8%
Tracker LTV < 50% ECB + 0.75% for the Term 4.8%
1 Year Fixed rolling to ECB + 1.25% 5.3%
2 Year Fixed rolling to ECB + 1.25% 5.3%
3 Year Fixed rolling to ECB + 1.25% 5.4%
4 Year Fixed rolling to ECB + 1.25% 5.4%
5 Year Fixed rolling to ECB + 1.25% 5.5%
10 Year Fixed rolling to ECB + 1.25% 5.9%

None have dropped while the 2 year fixed option and the spread over base after the fix runs out have all risen.

Of interest too is the under €250k tracker which has risen from 5.2% to 5.3%

More rises incoming soon. Never mind Dan.


Comical Austin is reading between the lines now. Just wait till he gets out the tea leaves to call their bluff.

We should appoint Comical to 'our seat ’ on the Board of the ECB instead of some inarticulate and visionless gobsheen from the central bank…seriously … we should :open_mouth: .

Do and Dust them pesky europeans for us Comical.

Pure gold and credit to Pill for the find…

Austin strike again…

Article Date: 14 November 2007

examiner.ie/irishexaminer/pa … qqqx=1.asp


Anything I’ve forgotten (without making the chart too busy)?


Make it into a sandwich board and parade up and down O’Connell Street.

Good work by the way!

Which has been replaced with an urgency to sell.

Quality Graph irish! well done! Maybe email it to the Pheonix :wink:

Great stuff. I think a higher resolution would help so we can get a few more commetns in there! Deadly buzz!

Methinks this will be on the frontpage of the NEW pin when the servers are up and running.

Hmmm. Trading up ehh???

#######BUBBLE ALERT###########

Nice graph Irish. However, if Comical is even partially right say with one rate cut, it will reduce in value somewhat…


You’re correct, but there’s (or should be) a limit to spin. Not to put the latest comments would make us just “spinners” in the other direction.

However, if Austin and Dan are wrong again, that’ll make it even more flagrant.

If they’re “rightish”, then we can just turn around the phrase used against the pinsters, that “a stopped clock is right twice a day”, that if they keep saying rates will go down, eventually they’ll be right!

Only if he hangs on to the old servers and rents them out…!!! :laughing:

What about a graph charting last years VIs House Price predictions vs ERSI/PTSB stats.

I know the stats are crap but you could also have that quote from the ERSI dude who admitted that the stats werent that reliable. :stuck_out_tongue: