What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


Is that the smallest bailout exit ever


David McWilliams doing some nice reframing of what he said during the dark days of 2011. He got himself this apology in the Irish Times (twitter.com/davidmcw/status/411195453699403776) which claims that in 2011 he didn’t content Ireland would have left the Euro by now. How does he square that with his quotes from the time.

davidmcwilliams.ie/2011/11/1 … ro-is-nigh

Some serious revisionism if McWilliams is claiming he didn’t postulate/claim that Ireland would be out of the Euro by now. Perhaps he didn’t directly state that Ireland would be out of EZ by 2013 but it was implicit in everything he said.


Fairy godmother McCreevy:

broadsheet.ie/2014/03/04/tak … y-and-run/


July 2007

Close – *****1***30,000 construction jobs were lost in the next two years.


Fine Gael Party Political Broadcast May 2007

Contract for a better Ireland
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Finance minister Michael Noonan: “There’s somebody on €70,000 who wouldn’t be particularly well off, they’d pay €25,000 in personal taxes, you wouldn’t do that anywhere else. It’s a tax on jobs.”
“USC is going to be part of the personal taxation code… Some people wouldn’t pay tax at all if it wasn’t for the USC. From an Exchequer point of view, it’s very efficient”


Circuit Court Judge Martin Nolan commented that “a species of crime I particularly dislike is white collar crime.”


Klaus Regling, ECB economist, on de madness


19th Century madness as Morgan Kelly once put it.


There’s no ‘almost’ about it…



** Brian Cowen at the banking inquiry 02 July 2015 irishtimes.com/business/fina … -1.2270950


In fairness, to take the analogy further, all the other passengers were asking the captain to sale faster toward a bigger iceberg.

I must say, I thought Charlie yesterday was quite funny. The tooing & froing over whether he did anything wrong was gas. Those lads are slippery eels.

Someone here has the quote from Junkcer “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it”


Gas lad alright
Increased public spending by 50%
Funding tax cuts with property taxes
Loans from Fingers
Massive increase in spending and public service during the boom


I’m happy for you to point out what political party during the boom were proposing a widening of the tax base and maintaining public expenditure.

I think decentralization was a good idea but isn’t politically feasible given strength of unions.

I don’t disagree with your points but (i) no party opposed this, (ii) the public wanted the above and voted for it…over and over and over again.


Let’s not bring up the embassing truth :slight_smile: Anyway it is much more comforting to blame everything on FF.


Where did i say that. Dont embass yourself


Whatever about the public service the least we should be doing is trying to incentivise private companies to locate to the regions.


Can you elaborate why there should be an incentive to move to regions?
All the infrastructure is in place to suit the current arrangement.


Decentralisation has happened albeit not to the scale envisaged by McCreevy. What sunk it was the financial crash not unions.


Decentralisation is a good idea. Selecting the locations based on the Minister in charge is beyond pathetic. Gateway towns with good transport links? Nah. Caher-fuckibg-civeen!