What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


It’s hard to tell in this era of central bank managed transactions, with all of the extra taxes designed to make it harder to hold onto the house you own


President Michael D Higgins speaking 13/09/17 on homelessness: people are being “deprived of the most basic entitlements that most citizens take so much for granted."


It’d be understandable if Mickey D. takes his home for granted, but I don’t know anyone who works to pay for shelter who does the same.


Taoiseach Varadkar: “I am somebody that has a tracker mortgage and in many ways it has been a God-send. It has meant that my mortgage has been very affordable in years gone by. I can only imagine what it would have been if it had been 4% or 5% or 6% .”


State controlled funded media anyone?

Surely the likes of Denis O’Brien has enough money?

irishtimes.com/news/ireland … um=twitter


When did Bertie join FG?


Fianna Fáil: As I said, we will not be seen as part of the establishment. The Irish people must regain a bit of trust in the political and democratic system and see that we are not all the same. We can do things differently. - Barry Cowen 15/12/17


The actor and activist John Connors spoke some truths on the TV3 Tonight show.


Different strokes for different folks.

I thought he was pig ignorant on the show the other night. Thought he was being clever/an everyman, but was merely bombastic. He admitted to trolling the other guests and mentioned his creative juices as an actor were flowing, whatever the fek that meant on the night!
If only he’d been so vociferous earlier in the show when discussing the Traveller ‘feud’ in Mulhuddart.

And of course, his political leanings should be acknowleged which The Tonight Show failed to mention…he’s a big Shinner and Gerry Adams fan. poor form that this wasn’t mentioned when he attacked the other 3, especially Joan Burton.


Yeah, he had a couple of points.

Fully occluded by a pig ignorant display of disrespect and stupidity.

His behaviour towards Joan Burton was a disgrace.

Not surprised he’s a shiner. Seems to be the natural home of hateful thickos these days.


I wouldn’t call him hateful, more frustrated and angry. If you want to see hate then you read your own comments. With regards to him being a Traveller and supporting Sinn Fein, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me given that that political party is the only party that supports Travellers. It seems to be part of some republican principle about cherishing all of the children equally?

Also worth noting that Sinn Fein is easily the largest political party on this island. Scary, eh? Particularly for property prices, right?


That makes me fear for our children. We’ll be retired or nearing retirement before SF get into power.
Our kids will be the ones for suffer the consequences of an SF led government.


Yet today’s kids & adults are suffering the consequences of an FG-led government for 7 years


Yet today’s kids & adults are suffering the consequences of an FG-led government for 7 years
" The strategy now is to change the narrative around the housing crisis and homelessness crisis so we’re not faced with the words ‘emergency’ and ‘crisis’ on a daily basis. They want people to think it’s not that bad.” - [*Paul Murphy TD * (https://www.thejournal.ie/anti-homeless-devices-solidarity-3700231-Nov2017/)


Yes SF and its military wing is well know for cherishing criminals, tax cheats and peadopfiles especially if they are good republics.

But hey nobody here is a mouth piece for an organisation that still runs secret kangaroo courts to decide who and what is good.


Hateful? They guy behaved like an aggressive thug. I’m actually surprised the anchors didnt call him out on his poor behaviour. He also added precisely fuck all to the debate unless you consider calling people names a valuable contribution.


Hilarious isnt it? Getting lectures on morality from the Shinners. :laughing:


Today’s kids & adults are suffering are still suffering the consequences of FF destroying the economy. The majority of people in the state are in a better place than they were 7 years ago.


You’re calling me a mouth piece for the IRA? For fuck sake you are ridiculous. Run along and evict a family or something. Maybe spit on a homeless child. And take the half-wit with you.

This is the face of your Ireland. Never forget it.


The force of SF is strong in this one. However the ability to read is lacking - I clearly said nobody here is a mouthpiece for an organization that cherishes tax cheats, criminals and peadophiles providing they are good republicans.