What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.




Awesome logic. Some loudmouth moronic thug on TV3 has all the answers … because Brendan Smyth.


Did John Connors claim to have all the answers? When did he do that? He’s actually just pointing out the problems as he sees them but I suppose it’ fair to call him a ‘loudmouth’ for using his voice?

With regards Brendan Smyth, I’m sure we can all agree that he represents our shared past where psychopaths dressed themselves up as righteous leaders and silenced their victims. Anyone who thinks they have a monopoly on morality is a fool and deserves to be reminded of it.


Not all the answers in fairness. He did talk about the success of Apollo House and the fact that he’d like to see homeless people walk into the 10,000 houses that are lying empty. You could forgive the average person for glossing over the complexities (such as that if the 10,000 houses exist, somebody owns them) but he forfeits his free pass by being an obnoxious loudmouth.

Speak for yourself. Brendan Smyth is no part of my past, shared or otherwise. He’s a (dead) criminal pervert. Nobody is responsible for his actions except himself. I’m not sharing in any collective guilt just so someone else can push their “solutions” on me.


“At the end of the day homelessness is a political issue.” - Fr Peter McVerry 16/12/17.


Mods - does this really belong on this topic? , or on this site?

I think politics.ie is a far better forum for bigotted idiots to stand in a barren field chucking muck at each other


“not a hope” of the housing crisis being solved within the next two years
“Are we going to solve it in two years? Not a hope, because there’s a massive catching-up exercise to be done here”

  • Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development Ciarán Cannon


Did Simon Coveney not sort by last July as promised?


The government is under no legal obligation to house anyone other than Irish citizens (yes, even EU citizens can be deported if they are a burden on the state).


My own proposal would be to continue offering assistance to any EU citizen who contributes more than €5,000 per annum in income tax. But the assistance should not be worth more than €5,000 in total.
Remove all assistance to non-EU citizens.

We’re in an utter bizarre situation whereby the generosity of the government towards non-citizens is inflicting actual and real damage on it’s own citizens.


AMEN to all of the above.


and has been the case for years
It was mentioned on a number of occasions during the Brexit that EU countries can and many DO deport welfare recipients and the UK could if it wanted to, but the Tories being the duplicitous cretins they are have never enfroced. The reason, suppression of wages and workers for starters.


Who are you suggesting is bigoted?


Bigot : a person who has very strong, unreasonable beliefs or opinions about race, religion or politics and who will not listen to or accept the opinions of anyone who disagrees

oxfordlearnersdictionaries. … ot?q=bigot


The Irish Times really are shameless in their pumping…Rialto is the new Ranelagh! :sick:

Fine tuned townhouse for €415k in Rialto – ‘the new Ranelagh’
irishtimes.com/life-and-sty … -1.3352990


A townhouse has three or more floors. Otherwise it’s just a house. FFS.


On the PPR for €230k just 20 months ago. Nice of the IT to do such a soft-focus piece on this gentle violinist-cum-property-developer who “potters about” as “a hobby, rather than a major money-making exercise”. Looks pretty damn hard-nosed to me.


And the Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) for Best Actor goes to… John Connors for his role in Cardboard Gangsters!

I haven’t seen the film but the reviews are excellent and it is currently trending on Netflix. By all accounts it is well worth watching.

Edit: John Connors barely got a mention on RTE but plenty of coverage of the Best Supporting Actor and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Edit2: And here is John Connors acceptance speech.


Very good interview with Ibrahim Halawa with Ray Darcy on RTE Radio One. Worth listening back to.

Quite shocking to think of the hate campaign that was run against the lad on this site, but moreso on sites like Boards.ie, Politics.ie and TheJournal.ie. Real mental illness stuff.

Did anyone learn from it? Maybe to keep a more open mind about things? Maybe to be fair and balanced in expressing your views? Genuinely curious.



He should stick to the acting.

He clearly has nothing interesting to say about politics.


His interests seems to be in speaking up for those on the fringes of society or those who have suffered from depression on the impact of suicide. None of that might be of any interest to you which is fair enough I suppose. A lot of people aren’t interested in things that don’t impact them.