What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


I saw Cardboard Gangsters on TV over xmas. It certainly didn’t strike me as a movie that had any award winning performances, but who knows how the Luvvies thought processes work :wink:


I guess Buster is referring to: “Our reptilian, psychopathic government” that “is never going to do anything about the mental health crisis”.

He should stick to acting.


He has less chance of getting cast or getting an agent after his shameful condoning of the looting scumbags in Jobstown !


Hey look on the bright side, at least VI didn’t say it’s the new Venice


Not sure it belongs in here but lest we forget about Simon solving the homeless crisis before he did a runner


Simon Coveney: Hotels will no longer be used to house homeless families by July

thejournal.ie/hotel-homeless … 8-Mar2017/


Yeah it’s been reported here repeatedly.
This thread is great, kudos to the threadstarter.

To remind us of FG’s view:


‘Ireland is the most corrupt country in the Western world’ - Pat Flanagan, senior news journalist, IrishMirror


Speaking about REITs at PublicAccountsCommittee:
“We’ve become tenants in our own country” - Catherine Connolly TD


Junior Minister for Finance does it again

That’s after stating there are plenty of cheap rentals in Dublin in February 2018
Minister says there are rents in Dublin ‘at a fraction of headline figures’


It’s widely accepted that vulture funds are more likely to do a deal?

Or are you in the camp that think people who can’t pay their loans should keep the asset secured thereon?


It’s a faux pas for a government minister to come out and welcome ‘vulture funds’, regardless.


That’s not a faux pas. For a starters he didn’t “welcome” them, I’m curious as to why you spin it this way.

Honest but impolitic for the shreiky Fianna Fáil types maybe. Or maybe honest and politic for those of us who are shit sick of the “where’s my NAMA” nonsense.


m.independent.ie/business/perso … 17548.html

‘Austin Hughes of KBC Bank said supply was increasing and demand growth may have peaked.’

If this VI clown is saying that (just as interest rates are expected to rise) …things could get interesting.




Leo Varadkar 2/8/2018:

Keep 'em peeled


Minster for Housing apologises
I had the privilege recently of meeting with a young mother with a young child who were homeless. She told me her own personal story through tears because she felt ashamed about the situation she was in and
I apologised to her because she had to spend three weeks in a hotel. She should never have been in that hotel. We were talking in the hub that she is now in and she was finding that difficult but I was able to tell her that she would be in a home soon.



’Younger workers should be excited about paying less rent for less space’ - Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has said people should be “excited” about co-living and having “less space for less rent”.

Mr Murphy told the National Housing Conference at Dublin Castle yesterday that the controversial developments, where tenants have their own en-suite bedroom but share a kitchen and living room, should be welcomed.

“As we all did when we were younger, we sacrificed less space for less rent,” he said.

“This isn’t about allowing for high-density bedsits, but a new accommodation that’s been very successful round the world.”



This is just a form of bedsit, but instead of shared bathrooms you have shared kitchens. Saw on twitter that the space intended per person (~17m2) is less than that specified for a disabled parking space. Sounds suitable for emergency accommodation of single homeless people, at a stretch. Are the shared spaces going to have onsite cleaners/attendants 12-16hrs a day or will ‘community spirit’ mean the habitants will keep it clean - lets see how that works out.


There is a warning we are in danger of creating a welfare state if young people cannot buy homes.

The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers believes the housing strategy is failing this generation because of long-term renting.

It says we are also creating a social housing-dependent society.

Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers Chief Executive Pat Davitt says there is too much renting.

He said: "We seem to in the situation where we want more people to rent houses than buy houses.

"A lot of those houses have HAP schemes and all sorts of schemes to rent those house and that will really cause a problem into the future."


Those volumes must be low over the summer