What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


I think the point is fair, ignore who is saying it. I worked in the south inner city and an awful lot of people there have no hope of getting a home without some kind of state help. I don’t know what the answer is, but there has to be something in between HAP/LA house for the long term unemployed/lone parent and unaffordable housing or long commutes for the low/middle income worker.
The system is wide open to be gamed - you see the examples like the Sinn Fein representative, have child first, get paid through college and have reduced entry requirements, then get off HAP into a local authority “forever home” before the financial benefits of third level kick in. You then have seriously low rent and probably the option to buy at a huge discount, no matter what your income is.


Oh yeah the point is fair enough. What is always interesting is that splits in the story start to appear among VIs as things tighten up. I mean this guy will still want to fleece the average punter, given half the chance, but EAs may eventually face up to it that the price ramping game is up for now, they need to feedback some sense into sellers, including developers, and it’s volume that will keep the doors open.


But Mr Wallace has insisted this was not his motivation in seeking election to Europe, saying: “I didn’t go to Brussels for the money. I’d make a lot more money in construction than I’d ever make in Brussels.”


Uh, yeah Mick … if you hadn’t been banned from involvement in construction for six years back in 2017.


Housing Minister backtracks on controversial on-air comments about co-living spaces

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has admitted his analogy comparing co-living to staying in a “very trendy” boutique hotel was “not a good one”.

Mr Murphy has this afternoon sought to clarify remarks he made on Newstalk this morning in which he suggested that controversial co-living spaces were like a ‘very trendy boutique hotel’.

Mr Murphy said in a statement: "I was asked this morning were CoLiving spaces like prisons & based on what I have seen in other cities they are not. My analogy in response wasn’t a good one. But Coliving elicits outrage in some because they wrongly assume it’s what we propose as a response to families in crisis. It is not.
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Bonus quote:
One Fine Gael told Independent.ie: “You’ll be able to fit our parliamentary party in one of these ‘trendy boutique hotel rooms’ if Murphy keeps this up.”