What to bid. Suggestions please


Hi Everyone,

Seems to be some smart people on here. Hope I have the above link correct.

This house has been on the market since April 07, and needs updating, but doesn’t seem to need re-wiring, or re-plumbing.

I think it was way overvalued in 07 to begin with & I want to offer much lower.

General thoughts on what I should chnce my arm with

Half a million for that? I’m shocked. Literally.

Will revert eventually to three times whatever you think median household income is going to be across the country in the next few years.

Good luck guessing and remember, it’s only money at the end of the day.

Like TUG says, they’ve got some pair to pitch it at that. Flat-roofed extension, very little to admire inside…and as for the garden…

I would go with 400k…the EA will fain shock for a few weeks…give them another 2 months after that offer and ring again sayin u are taking the offer off…they will take it then.

Great to see EA getting a taste of their own medicine… 8- …long may it last

€350k. They will think it’s too low but they may come back in six months.

This property has been on the market for AGES…I have also been keeping an eye on it and it has only dropped by 25 000 in the past 5-6 months. It has also undergone a change in EA - either that or it is being marketed by 2 x EA (although one at 525 000), as it was listed under 2 EAs on DAFT for a while too - although one claimed it was ‘new to the market’ (as if?!). I have not viewed the property, but judging on the comments I have seen about this property it needs a lot of work, coupled with the length of time it has been on the market, I would say bid around 325 000 - 350 000 - they will laugh you off initially, but will crawl back in a few months time. There is so much uncertainty at the moment, that I doubt it will sell for anything near the asking price.

Hi, yes, the house is listed with 2 different EAs, with a difference of 25K.

I viewed the house a year ago, but wasn’t ready at the time.

I just went to see it again last weekend, and not an once of work has been done since the first viewing last year.

The interior is horrific, but it is a solid house. I want to bid more along the lines of what geld said but don’t know weather they’ll bite.

Surely, the seller wnats to be rid of it, and sell it to little ole me?

Is it pretty rare? Sounds like the seller is not accepting reality, might be better to look for a more “motivated” seller.

No, nothing rare about it. And it’s actually on a fairly busy road.
2 houses near by that have been totally re-furbed with extensions are asking not much more than this one which I feel is laughable.
Portmarnock would be an area that most mortgages have been paid off so I think this is possibly why the seller hasn’t got with it yet.

I’m ready to start bidding though & it’s not the only house I’m interested in, so maybe I’ll get very lucky

This is a very average property in an uninspiring location. I wouldn’t offer 300k for it, much less 350 as has been suggested. In reality someone selling a place for 500k will not accept 350k so I would suggest you keep looking.

If they’re desperate enough to sell, they’ll drop the price. Eventually. You could chance your arm with a lowball offer, forget about it and keep an eye out for other properties. Time will tell if they get back to you.

Buy nothing now.

If you buy this now at the prices discussed on this thread you will be paying at least double what this house will eventually be worth. You are buying into a loss. It is a vey ordinary house in a very ordinary are and they want have a mil!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just an update.

Put my super low bid in today, and was very politely told NO.

As much giving out as we do about EA’s, I have to say that he was very shocked by such a low offer, but did not laugh, make smart remarks, or be rude in any way. He was very nice actually.

I’m sure the next one around the corner will probably tear strips off me.

However, he did say, but sure if we reduced it by that much, we’d have a bidding war???
Is this not the whole point?? To sell the house.

They aren’t in any hurry to sell is what he said.

2 years, and it’s still there. Hope they’re happy to wait even longer

LOL, so in his own logic he knows exactly how to start a bidding war, on a property he can’t sell, but he doesn’t want to do it? My ass.

I’d be careful about believing his ‘shock’ by the way :wink:

What’d you bid?

There are now countless posts on the Pin where OPs mention that the EA ‘was shocked’ by their lowball offers - but when are buyers going to wake up and realise that faking shock and surprise is what EAs DO, it’s part of their job description, it goes with the territory - if they can’t fake it, they don’t get that type of work, pure and simple.