What to do with a cheque for £25k

I got some money left to me in a will, so I paid of all my meagre debts (cc) and the balance is sitting in high rate fixed deposit accounts in NIB, Rabbo, and Ulster. Still don’t trust the Government bail out, and any of the banks availing of it. Still think at least two, possibly 3 need to be allowed go bust, and merge the survivors into two or three banks. And replace the men at the top, with a caveat that they cannot be directors of a bank for the next 3 years. Same for the current directors of the ones allowed to go bust.

savings certs in the post office, 20% return after 5 and a half years, tax free.
i understand that the eu want these gov certs stopped as they offer a better fixed return than most other open market products over the same period.
i reckon 2013 will be a good time to have a nice wedge of europeans/pounds.

I would be inclined to go for the 5.9% available at the Halifax fixed for one year and I think you can still withdraw up to 25% of your funds without penalty.I think the 1 year fixed accounts [or even longer if you can afford to lock it away] are a better bet at this stage because with interest rates due to tumble the interest available at the end of a six month account may be vastly reduced.
I’m wary of the smaller Irish banks because it is still not clear what their future is and there could be a disruption in the interest earning ability of your funds if some of these banks have to be wound up.

Someone told me recently that it is possible for individuals to buy government bonds (so at least you earn some interest), but I’m not sure how easy this is in practice.

:open_mouth: Think I will deffo go for something which gives a bit of interest after a year and no too huge a penalty should you need to draw on anything after say 6 months or so. I know for SURE could not wait 5 years for 25%! :neutral_face: Halifax looking like a good option also, or First Active. Thanks Pins. :laughing: All I need now is for my cheque not to bounce!!!

:frowning: Could spew I am so gutted…sterling is worth f*ck all against the sodding yoyo…just got €41k for £35k…AAAAARRGGGGHHH
Had to take the plunge as have few debts I want outta my hair…
What was I going to do? Left UK and no bank a/c to go back to…
XX A bottle of vino collapso on the sofa-o later methinks

You’re gutted too? I bought a few hundred pounds worth of stuff on EBAY last week! Getting close to 10% difference in a week!