What to do with empties?

What should we do with the empty & abandoned apartment blocks and estates?

I’ve just suggested on another thread that we could turn them into urban paintball arenas.

Any other ideas for converting them from unneeded residential to much needed leisure facilities?

EDIT: Just realised this should probably be in teh Piston Broke… sorry mods! :blush:

in Detroit they have a thing called ‘hell night’

The locals won’t put up with derelict sites – they’ll be on to their councillors who’ll come up with some proposals pronto otherwise they just won’t get re-elected.

I thought we agreed on a zombie apocalypse theme park?

I would have made an awesome zombie :frowning:

Dont you worry about the empties. Fianna Fail are already hatching plans to buy up unsold units from their buddies and then use them as public housing.

And the 200,000 units left over after housing every Anto in the State, they’ll pay their builder buddies to demolish.

Anyone ever consider setting up a wrecking ball dealership?

Anyone up to writing a new Irish suburban soap, Stocking Lane Close? We should be able to pick up some cheap sets in by the time it’s written and ready to film.

We need to pass a law requiring no dwelling be less than 150 square metres. Then developers would have to sell apartments in pairs, with an adjoining door created between them.

Even two average irish apartments would still be smaller than the average american dwelling ( 200 sq m). Better make it three for the price of one then.

What, now that divorce has been legalised?

I lived in Holland last year and they have loads of big empty buildings that are lying idle since their property bubble, The excellent thing they seem to have done with their excess property, is that they converted them into club venues.

Granted it was a university town, but they had about 10 - 15 large buildings that were empty most of the time, but converted into club venues a few times a year for these massive all night long parties.

This was all legit and legal and i was enormously impressed with how well it worked.

Probably wouldn’t work in Ireland tho

Knocking them down would be a waste of resources

All the work that went into them the man hours, the co2 emissions, the fuel burnt, the electricity used, the materials transported.
Damnit if it isnt the key to having super cheap tourist accommodation I dont know what is! Or just super cheap accommodation !

Be kinda spiteful almost to knock em down! If your not buyin at this price then nobody is buyin …

I felt that way about the Ballymun flats. I wanted to say “Don’t knock the tower, I’ll give you €100 for it, instead of you having to pay €100,000 to demolish it”.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have yer own tower block?

How about re-housing the contents of Mountjoy in Sec23 places in Leitrim ?

Save on building a new prison & I guarentee you that the prospect of 5 years in Leitrim will put a few criminals back on the straight & narrow :slight_smile: