What to offer and should I wait??

Hey all im new here but Ive read some posts and alot of great advise has been given on here, so thought id get some of my own…
Im thinking of buying a house this year and one caught my eye recently,its based in a nice area and seems to be the cheapest of its kind advertised…
See link below of house:


What do you think this house is worth and if I was to offer what would be a good acceptable offer??
Im very confused about wether I should buy or wait a while because on one side I keep reading about how now is the time to buy and on the other about how they will drop further towards the end of the year and even into next year…
Anway any advise would be great.


Which house is it? There should be a daft ‘shortcode’ towards the bottom of the page, you should use it, its more manageable

Out of interest, where are you reading/hearing that now is the time to buy?

If there are plenty of similar properties in the region then you should offer a very low price.
Even if they are in addressess you are not interested in.
Let the agent know you have lots of choice.

Check how long the property is on the market. Check its price history.
Check price history in the area.
Use irishpropertywatch.com/sales … Region=any
and put in addresses for all areas where your house type is available.

The discount you offer could be proportional to the amount of supply.

If there is oversupply and your offer is rejected then just wait. Prices will tick down. Sellers will get nervous.

Do not disclose anything to the estate agents. Don’t say you love this street or this house or the big garden etc.
Tell them you are not pushed about this area at all. Dundalk will suit you just as well.
You do not want them playing mind games with you.