What will future hold for Dublin 15?

Dublin 15 includes Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Corduff, Mulhuddart and Tyrrelstown.

Schools warn of ‘white flight’ of students
independent.ie/national-news … 00203.html

Time has come to face up to the immigration dilemma
davidmcwilliams.ie/2007/07/2 … on-dilemma

Its Dublin’s future Banlieue - nothing surer

I fixed your link in the above hairymary but I’ll tell ya one thing, it’s certainly not become a site where people can throw the R word around lightly.

Whilst, it might be tripe, uninformed or rubbish, it does not amount to racism to post a link…

Mary - I fail to see how drawing attention to the fact that a disproportionately large number of immigrants are being housed in specific parts of our capital city, thereby replicating the actions of many of our European neighbours who pioneered the process during the 1950s/60s/70s, resulting in the ghettoisation of the people in question, is cause to be labelled a racist. But maybe you could enlighten me in that regard.

Add to the mix that the specific parts in question are grotesquely under-serviced and you have even more reason for disaffectation down the line. Those who are a bit quick with the racism trigger need to consider that it is recognised that there is a massive problem with language support in D15 and English-speaking parents may have an issue with their children’s education in schools which are being stretched. All of this was entirely predictable once the decision was made to allow unhindered access to new EU migrants, let alone non-EU immigrants, and the failure to plan for dispersal or increased support services is the real issue.

This all has nothing to do with ‘misinformed racist tripe’.

I think you are jumping to wild conclusions about the poster which are completely unjustified. Both links are to mainstream authors who have email addresses and so you can up take any issues you might have with them. I don’t think anyone here would consider anything written in those articles as off limits for discussion.

Um, is the same DMCW who just had a 3 part series on RTE suggesting that Irish citizenship should be granted to gadjillions of people around the world including half of Argentina as a way of enhancing this county’s economic future?

Sounds like the rhetoric of a typical racist, not… You might want to get off your high horse for 5 minutes.

When he was writing about hi-cos, DIY-declans, yummy-mummys and breakfast roll men in his book ‘The Pope’s Children’ - was he being racist? Or is that grand just because they’re all the same colour, like…

And you purport to know what should be defined as outside of the limits!

Two way street.

Either way, unless you want to send a complaint by PM to any of the moderating team (see the welcome forum) detailing your objections or concerns, this thread stands…

If this is your question, then the answer is no.

I hate McWilliams but by christ, he isn’t the second two and the first accusation is what he does! :smiley:

Please elucidate with specificity how these articles are overtly racist and demonstrate with specificity how my intent was to portray immigrants negatively and how I portrayed immigrants as a threat to ‘our culture’.
Explain why the links above are racist and what point I made?

As far as I am concerned I have not breached the spirit or intent of the equality and diversity act. I have bought to attention that there is a social change happening in the makeup of Dublin 15 as a result of immigration and asked the question what the future will be?
It is not racist to discuss the issue of immigration and the housing market and it is certainly not racist to discuss what will happen in the future.

You have exposed the “whatever you say, say nothing” attitude to the immigration debate here in Ireland. It’s as if by not mentioning or debating the issue that racism does not exist in Ireland.
Discrimination against immigrants in Ireland is generally very subtle, in education you can see it in the rise of GaelScoileanna, as a means for parents to isolate their children from, in their view, unmotivated welfare class and non-English speaking immigrants, that would put their children at a disadvantage. Like it or not there is a two tier system being formed and by ignoring the problem, it festers in the background until it eventually reaches melting point and it explodes as angry young men take direct action against the community.

I should tell you that I live in an area that is predominantly inhabited by foreign nationals and I love it, where else would you meet a ex Romanian airforce officer, who got shot down over Afghanistan during the 80’s and now works as a security guard at a construction site. I regularly fill in applications and write letters for people whose English is not so good and have written letters of recommendation for asylum seekers here in Ireland.
What about my neighbour who fled Zimbabwe after the Zanu PF, beat him savagely and nearly killed him, I helped him find a job. I have also intervened on occasion to rescue foreigners from being beaten by each other and by the locals.
Obviously being an internet forum you have only my word for this, however, I hope this does act as a token to demonstrate that through my action I do not discriminate against foreigners so I am concerned that you could construe that by posting the links above that I am racist.

Colm from Father Ted "Only the farm takes up most of the day and at night I just like a cup of tea. I mightn’t be able to devote meself to the oul’ racism.

I’ve a mate who’s a bit black.

But I don’t hold it against him! :stuck_out_tongue:


For me, having lived there much too long Dublin 15 eventually became a kind of open prison. It is an appalling living testiment to inhumane planning and world classs low density sprawl with lashings and lashings of adhoc 2-bit suburban developments.

Nice! :smiley:

So you’re obviously a big fan of his work then.

I don’t remember him proposing any colour testing. Maybe you were watching a different program.

Lol, a picture of Comical Ali is racist now? If I used a picture of Jackie Healy-Rae instead would that be ok with you? They’re both gobshites - I don’t care what colour they are.

Mary I can highly recommend this book …


… and while we’re on the topic of judging people by their colour / creed / general appearance you might want to consider if some people might take offense at your username.

Oh and Green Bear is very clearly a closet Nazi :unamused:

You pulled the same stunt on Askaboutmoney about 18 months ago, some posters have different views to you on mass immigration and it’s effects on the wider society,pulling out the R card at every opportunity is childish in the extreme, but to suggest that the Indo and DmcW have a racist agenda just shows your lack of credibility.

Was it not a government minister Martin Cullen who said on monday night that the most important issue facing our society was immigration/ multiculturalism and we needed to have a debate now as to what model we would follow going forward ?

I would like to point out to Hairymary that the link she provided has so much spin in it that any Irish property related VI would be proud.

(It is probably not a great idea to link to spin articles in a forum used to reading behind the stories/headlines)

The article refers to Eastern Europeans:
“hundreds of thousands of Polish and other east European workers”
who are already highly educated:
“Migrants are more skilled and often more reliable and hardworking than British workers”.

So perhaps the article should be titled “Highly educated Eastern European Workers with a strong work ethic are a boon to the economy”. Though of course this wouldn’t fit with the Guardian’s own agenda or your own personal agenda in posting it.

I’m not entirely certain that that has much to do with the difficulties (if any) of integrating significant numbers of African refugees, often traumatised by that from which they seek refuge, generally relatively poorly educated while at the same time shoving them into poorly serviced ghettos and trying to pretend they are not there.

Any chance you could fill us in on what’s racist about the image or the name. A name that incidentally xman didn’t use, you’re the one who used it.