What would you buy?

Large home sought in Dalkey, Killiney or Foxrock area, budget up to 3.2 million.
What would you buy?

Do a search of houses for sale with minimum asking price of 2m and maximum price of 4m in those 3 locations. You will get about a dozen properties, so not much to choose from!

A DART ticket to Sandymount?

Would not buy in Dublin, noise, pollution,overcrowding,no space for that price. Out the country for a fine mansion and plenty of acres of quality land.

I would put a low ball offer in on these… myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3115350

Then I would build a class pad (different to the one envisaged by the EA) and still have a mill or so to spend on coke and hookers 8DD

I’d rule out Foxrock as I’m not a fan.
Much of a muchness between Dalkey and Killiney, they kind of overlap a bit so it’d depend on the specific house, what amenities were nearby and where I needed to get to work wise.

Given 3.2 million I’d buy in Sandymount though. Best location in Dublin as far as I’m concerned. I’d move jobs to make that work (or rather my husband would as I could make Sandymount work).

Another vote for Sandymount, if I had that sort of money and wanted to spend it on a house. Never saw the point of Foxrock at all; Dalkey and Killiney are nice, but you can’t beat being about to handily walk into town IMO.

sandymount is 15 mins to the airport now too with the tunnel

Sandymount is fine if you’re looking for a decent mid-sized family home (1920s to 1950s) in a central location, but other than that there isn’t much in the way of €3.2m houses. Sure, you’ve got some top-class houses on Park Avenue, but they’re likely to be at an even higher price point and other than them you have a few great houses dotted around, but they’re rarely for sale - they’re available once in a generation. I mean look at this:
Was asking €1.75m, sold for €2.419m recently
propertypriceregister.ie/we … enDocument
I don’t see any value in a 3000sqft house with very little garden, shoved in behind a few other houses and accessed via a narrow lane - just shows the type of prices people will pay for something decent in the area.

Conversely, in Killiney, you can get 7,500sqft on nearly an acre for the same money:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3493974

There are advantages to living in the city, but it’s not a necessity for some people, especially wealthier self-employed types who aren’t relying on well-paid city employment.

It’s hard to choose between Dalkey/Killiney and Foxrock - they’re different in many ways but the properties are essentially similar, being generally large period houses on substantial grounds. Personally I think the site is key - it’s amazing how properties have shrunk and shrunk over the years to the point where expansive lands are becoming a serious rarity. If you looked at Foxrock 30 years ago and compared it to its current day form, the comparison is shocking. Back then houses on an acre were a dime a dozen, these days houses such as that are becoming endangered species and I think they will become only more desirable as time goes on and more properties are destroyed in coming years. Killiney Hill on the other hand remains very low-density and hasn’t been half as butchered, so there’s plenty of big plots to choose from.

Cullenwaine, Torquay Road, Foxrock:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/3531385
€2,600,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 277.96 m² / 2992 ft² For Sale - 1.35 acres
One of the last big sites on Torquay Road - interesting to see what it will make as the neighbouring houses, Mandeville and Carrigmore are for sale asking €4.75m (1.84 acres combined) and it was suggested that developers might look at purchasing all three. Cullenwaine would make a great home if it isn’t sold off to a developer.

Another vote for Sandymount and I’d have taken the € 4M gaff on Park Avenue, although see it’s gone now (proximity to town, airport, DART, lovely village, strand, etc.) Herbert Park is also really nice.

That is on a good day. It can be a bit mad crossing the Eastlink at times.

fair point, yep;

Sandymount - meh. Ugly smoke stacks, sub-par restaurants that think they’re “all that” and traffic, not great for families either.

My vote would be for this, but I’m a sucker for period properties:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/3531385

Also, Foxrock is more easily accessed via M50 rather than Killiney & Dalkey. But if you want a view, go for Dalkey.

Not so much being destroyed as being reconfigured to take account of modern reality. You can’t expect rising populations (in terms of affluence) and the centering of employment prospects around a major city not to have an impact on housing density. If you want to live in a bygone era regarding lands around your house and insulation from the great unwashed, then you’ve a simple option: pay market rates for same.

Debatable - it’s more a case of bad planning in my books. Why rip apart a garden suburb in the name of higher density when the city centre is so low density? In any case, the point holds - the ‘market rates’ you speak of will likely continue to rise for large land holdings as they becoming rarer and rarer.

Love Sandymount but our children will be going to school in Bray so it has to be a home in Killiney, Dalkey, Foxrock, D18.


It’s probably just as easy a commute for the kids as Foxrock and you’re on the Dart and Arklow commuter line.

This looks quite nice.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/3505818

This is right at the top of your price range, but vast and lots of land.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/3182538

My vote would be for this, a lovely house with magnificent sea views and gardens.
myhome.ie/residential/broch … in/3356774

or for something a bit different although isolated this large mock-period house.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 86/3182865