What would you pay for this?

2.5 bedroom house in Rathmines. Great location, in fairly good nick and they seem v keen to sell. Opinions welcome.

myhome.ie/residential/search … BDSA395452


Suppose maybe 320k, how do you have half a bedroom?

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Is the 'pin now the go to place for valuations on property? :question:

Isn’t property values the raison d’etre of this website?
If you don’t like the “what’s it worth” posts, you don’t have to read them - they’re usually pretty easy to spot from the subject alone.

I didn’t say I didn’t like them.

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For a long time, in fact, the entirety of this website’s existence, we have been the enfant terrible of irish property.

I just thought it was interesting.

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The Half bedroom question is easy, a mattress is 6"6 long, The room is a Tiny at only 6"10 wide.

Absolutely useless as a useful bedroom at a shade over 60 square feet, Why cant we have actual standards for minimum habitable space, say 80 square feet to call it a bedroom.

What we have is this rubbish

About 150.

See the agent is the primetime fella.

worth 99,950 at a push, so long as carpets and curtains are thrown in.

This house could be worth a lot as it is one of the few on the market which is perfectly suited to a family of 2.5 children. Where else are they going to get such a perfect fit. they either have to double up or have half a wasted bedroom.
In light of this I’d go with the asking because of its rarity and its fantastic BER rating, ezeer good?

Thanks for the comments. Was thinking maybe €330k myself though that even seems like a lot. The 2.5 bedrooms don’t really bother me as kids aren’t an issue so would actually just turn it into a 2 bed. Didn’t see that Prime Time (travel quite a bit for work) - is this agent particularly dodgy?

Also sorry if offense was caused to anybody by the post - i didn’t realise you had to have a minimum number of posts before you could ask for help on here!

Oh mother of god. :unamused:

Maybe NAMA could just post up properties

150k no more no less

Are kids not an issue because you never want them/have them but they’re grown up? Or is it that you don’t have them yet? Because if it’s the latter please reconsider your plan to buy. In a falling market the “property ladder” becomes a trap.

History from Property Bee:


its an odd one to price

niceish house, central location, however no garden and parking is around the corner

you’ll always be able to rent it out (but not for much more than a 2-bed, say 1100 pm?)
but any young family buying would want bigger rooms/garden/parking and smelly students won’t appreciate the good condition its in

given all that i’d pay 200k today and maybe 160k medium term, think it would go for over 250 today though. Its not dissimilar to crumlin /drimnagh houses (small 3rd bedroom) but obviously more central.

Michael Kelly auctioneers, worth googling them if you’re thinking of putting in an offer !