What would you pay / The Return of the Bidding War

I’ve been looking at a house in Ard-na-Greine, I know the area as I grew up there and was plesently suprised when this house dropped, probably not to it’s real value but I thought, given that I would pay that little bit extra to live where I grew up, that it might be for me.

But after enquiring and viewing the property, I was told that they had already recieved an offer over the asking and where waiting for a higher offer!
I had to check my watch to make sure it wasn’t 2007, but apparantly this house is bucking the trend and trying to start a bidding war. Does anyone know if they have found gold out their back gardens in the area or something?

Could be Mr. and Mrs Nobody bidding on the property.

He has bids in all over the place apparently.


Right in the heart of Darndale / Donaghmeade?

The short answer is I wouldn’t.

Yeah no doubt people will come on and say oh it’s that bad but it is. Darndale is a absolute kip…

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I wouldn’t say it was the centre of Darndale, but the surronding areas are definitely not Foxrock.

I keep reading the title of this thread as “What would you pay for the return of the bidding war?” my guess and mind you its my own personal blue sky estimate, 54 Billion.

Just around the corner…

irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … aking5.htm

Meh. Darndale is rough and parts of Coolock but there are plenty of grand areas round those parts.

Solid houses too in lots of cases. Close to good buses, Dart, school, shopping centres. 3miles from the city. you could do worse. Especially if you are already from the area and don’t suffer from irrational fear of the natives.

Grove Lane is where the Camelot pub was, correct?

I would call that Clare Hall, myself.

I also woundn’t pay much attention to where gangsters are shot, they are always getting shot in Edenmore and I’ve lived in Edenmore for a few years and it was fine.

He grew up there and knows the area better than you so it’s up to him if he want’s to live there.

If it were me I’d put it to the EA that I’m finace approved from the area, keen, the sale won’t fall through but of limited means - hand him a card with your name number and a price then walk away leave it for a week don’t call them then call about another house … see were it leads.

Mr P Hantom strikes again! Him and his P Hantom bids!

Just offering my opinion. For the record the halting site is on your left as you pass the garage, just before O’tooles grounds.

And I know the area well enough.

If the agent gets back to you when the bluff eventually fails, drop your bid :slight_smile:

There is planning permission for a ’ one off ’ You should be able to throw up a skyscraper , diamond shaped even . The residents won’t object as they are to busy shooting one another .

Its a good area , I grew up only a mile away . Make an offer of what you think its worth but bear in mind that anybody selling a house right now is most likely in distress . I would not get into a bidding war in a buyers market . There will be loads of houses on the market in the next few years and each one will be cheaper than the next .

As far as Im aware there are a lot worse places in Dublin for gangland activity than Darndale. Obviously it has a bad enough rep but one or two shootings doesnt make it particularly unique in this town. Places like Knocklyon have had gangland massacres and they’re still considered decent enough places to live.

I love the old PP excuse myself, there’s no such thing as a garden any more, it’s a site for a one-off one room granny flat!

Don’t think I’ll offer, as my offer would have been asking or 90% of asking, no way would I go higher than current offers.
I’m looking for something a bit cheaper anyway, my interest was only because of the location, all of this paying extra because there’s PP on the garden stuff turns me off completely.

Thankfully inveterate rascal property snafflers P. Hantom and D. Ummy are unaware of Ireland’s massive unemployment, rampant deflation, perilous fiscal state and entirely insolvent banking system.

So much so that they have highly competitive bids in on every single property listed for sale in Ireland.

More power to them.