what year are dublin house prices at now

has anybody an idea at what level dublin house prices are at now, my local EA maintains we are at approx 2003 levels, any opions

this from independent.ie, May 2003:

Dublin 6 * GUNNE - 6 Ramleh Park, Milltown, Dublin 6. semi-detached, 3 bed. Sold at auction for ?620,000.

this from Daft.ie April 2012


Did your Estate Agent say this to you two years ago?

Exactly what year depends on what part of the market we are talking about. As far as I know, some apartments in Temple Bar were selling for close a million in 2000. None are now. On the other hand, maybe just maybe a nice house in Sandymount might come close to its 2002 level.

I’d guess on average, 2000 would be right, maybe 2001.

We are much futher back than 2003. I’d also say around 2000-2001.

I’m looking at house in Dublin that is the same price now as it was in 2001, about €400k, and has had about €100k in renovations done since then

thanks for reply, am dealing with gunne in fairview they seem to be living in denial with some of there asking prices :-GC

Not a price drop - moving to “Sell, Buy or Rent?” forum.

How do you judge this? Are you all searching by specific properties (i.e. google a house currently on the market and see if and when it sold previously) or is it the CSo, or something else? If it is CSO can you post the link, I can only see the recent residential property price publications.

You really have to wonder what Estate Agents take us for…

On that front, I have been looking at houses myself in the area and I’ve notived a fairly marked difference betwee the quality of Estate Agents I’ve been meeting…which makes me wonder (without naming names) how the shoddier ones manage to do any business at all.

On average I’d say we’re at the year 2000 levels.

In Galway City, we’re generally at late 1999 prices now. I know that doesn’t answer your question, but it will be interesting to compare the market in both cities.

This way of looking at things is nonsense.

We are at 2012 levels.


Starter homes in the suburbs are at about 2000/2001, my friends paid 135k for a 3 bed semi in Lucan in 2000, I reckon it’s worth about 140k at the moment.


This one from Gunne in Fairview definitely has a real ‘boomier’ asking price.
Way above the half million mark!

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/1835742

+1. Glad I’m not the only one; when I saw the thread title I thought it was a trick question. Or is the OP a terminator from the future with an interest in real estate?

Is it not similar to looking at % price drops from the peak?

For sure, there will be variance in % increases on the the way up, and no doubt decreases will not happen with symmetry – i.e. some properties will have a different peak to trough trajectory than others. However, many on the Pin speak in averages, and in particular averae % falls from the peak. Average % falls compared to average prices at a past point in time, might be helpful to some, just as % price falls from the peak seem to be helpful to others.

At the cutting edge of the maket it’s 1999 at best. Only question left now is do we see the considerable increases during 1998, 1997 or 1996 given up before this is over?

1995 is ground zero for the Irish economy in the whole.

The question isn’t nonsense. One of the things tracked here before is house price increases versus inflation. The two parted company dramatically at a point in the 90s. Checking where we’ve got back to is one of many possible metrics that can shed light in an area where, lets face it, insanity reigned for a decade. To flippantly say we are at 2012 levels is to suggest that we can forget about the past as a guide to the future. That’s pretty much what we did in the bubble years.

from what i have read we are back in 2000-2001 price levels, add in future property tax etc and they could drop even more, the new property taxes will make any house over 400k a liability, have to go and polish my crystal ball now :angry:

I agree. I first saw the graph of Irish house prices over time on the Pin, showing a pretty flat curve from the 70’s onwards inflation adjusted and then rising sharply from the 90’s on. Asking what year we are back to is shorthand for what level of affordability we’re at. There’s more accurate ones I’m sure but for a lay person it works pretty well.

I bought my first PPR in 1999 and it had already risen a lot in value at that stage. If we are back to 1998/1999 levels it’s a handy way to judge where we are - at least one of a variety of measures