Whats a Fair price for this house?


At the moment, I’d think 150k. I think it could go as low as 120k or maybe less. I think 190 - 200 of an offer should be accepted now so I think a starting bid of 180k might get that

I’d say 185k - no sign a garage.

It’s a decent estate with no problem areas close by. However, I know two families who have lived in the estate and both commented that the sound insulation between semis was not the best. They are also alledgedly not that well insulated despite being pretty modern, I’d ask for a BER cert before going any further. Has it been rented? The decoration/carpets look pretty bland and would probably need re-doing from top to bottom.

This older detached property up the road offers better potential IMO or indeed this one in Lynn Heights, both need to be updated/insulated but are better suited as a long term home.

fwiw - a house like this in a plush are in Manchester/Cheshire would cost a little more.

In Mullingar it shoudl be about 80k.

About the same as it’s address. 134k.
A fair price for an extended in Mullingar.
2 people on 30k a year each should be able to handle that.

I see you have brought your EA tricks to here as well as boards.ie

185K for a 4 bed semi d in Mullingar, sorry but your not going to get many offers for that price.

94k no more no less


Daft tells a different story…








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