What's a reasonable rent for this pair

rent.ie/houses-to-let/Swan-L … -8/671335/

rent.ie/houses-to-let/Swan-L … -8/662693/

One of the places is €4,000 PM, the other is asking €5,000 PM. They have both been lying vacant available to buy or to rent for at least a year.

What would be a fair rent to offer the agent on each?

I predict we have seen the birth of a hilarious thread.

I’m irate these houses should be getting so much coverage on the pin.

Or should that be Pi-rate. :angry:

For context see:

For rent, ye be wanting 2 gold doubloons each time the moon be roundy. Aaaarrrrr!

They have the added bonus of being located in 3 distinct locations. The address is in the title, its not just a google maps mistake.


And here it is in Dublin 2


i’d offer them €1250 a month to ‘take care of the place’ until they found a ‘real’ tenant.

No more, no less?

They should offer him 1250 a month to do it…

Already a thread on them.
***They ***have been on the market for some time.


Sorry, didn’t realise there was a thread there already.