What's acceptable to discuss in the price drop forums?

Still, this could be one way to bring the long sought after “reality check” to the market, albeit at a snails pace.

Why not advertise it as a free service on DAFT - “get a real valuation on your property!”. :smiling_imp:

Yes, a lot of perception of the quality of an area is down to subjectivity too. Anyone thinking of buying a house can make up their own minds about whether an area is ‘dodgy’ or not to their eye.

The only comments about area that I would consider appropriate are ones that discuss facilities in the area e.g. public transport links, schools, shops, roads and so on. That might be fair enough, no?

The rest can be decided by the buyer just like they can decide whether they like the décor or not.

The price drop forums are useless as a log of property prices any more, given that there are better ways of tracking it nowadays (irishpropertywatch, treesdontgrowtothesky, property bee, among others).

I believe they are now more suited to an actual discussion of specific property price drops, the factors around the drop(s), comparisons to others in the area, etc.

That doesn’t mean that it needs to be a free for all, the moderation can still be tight.

I agree.

I agree with 23rdbuchan

I don’t use the pin anymore to find out price drops, I would go to propertywatch or treesdontgrowtothesky for that too, I like it that there is a point of view from users on different areas, comparisons, local info etc. which in my view (we are buyers) key to our purchase, after all its a big decision and you have to factor in everything. And as such has been a very useful tool. When we put our property on the market it would be great to go on to the pin to see what people think good or bad, and have the opportunity to alter things. There is a bit of banter too.


This is precisely how I see it. I also agree that there is potential for a free for all, so I would very specifically ban, for example, comments about decor which has practically zero influence on a house price. Any house in the country could be totally redecorated for a tiny fraction of the selling price, so it is not relevant. There may be other types of comment that are unhelpful/unwanted, but I suspect the Pin’s existing guidelines would take care of most of those (glee, unsubstantiated gossip etc.)


I’m not seeing any “development” going on with this thread, just a bunch of you "+1"ing

If it continues going nowhere, I’m going to lock it.

What are you looking for?

Id say that the +1’s are votes for the idea. And thats development of sorts.

The proposal is along the lines of

the factors around the drop(s),
comparisons to others in the area, etc.
Condition of the house
how this particular property relates to the wider market.

Disallowed examples
a) It does not match the location, square footage, state of decor
b) Your daughters bedroom looks like a disney themed bordello
c) There are comparable houses for 100k less

Well, it’s a case that if there is nothing further to consider than +1s, the moderators and admins can take the posts into consideration.

This isn’t a popularity contest. No rules will change just because a bunch of users request it. So, a thread full of +1s will just result in a thread with +1s diluting the content.

So far as I can see, 2 price drop forum moderators have posted here and may or may not use the contributions to help affect their judgement in the future.

I can’t give a definition for “development” but needless to say a ton more of +1 posts will only lead to the development of users who check this thread only seeing a bunch of +1 posts. If that is all that’s left, I’d be inclined to lock this thread and save a bunch of users a heap of time.

Thanks, we’ll assume them taken into consideration. I suppose you can lock it now…

I’ll take your opinion into consideration. Once there’s not a bunch of "+1"s like I said, I’ll leave it for further possible attention

Often they are not. Often they are colourful.

Where people also post unsubstaniated information (but I saw the house!), that kind of crap will also be deleted, when MODs can get round to it.

What about information that is substantiated? You could have two houses two hundred yards apart where one could be less desirable because of a school across the road, a field that attracts anti-social behavior, a halting site etc, and the price would reflect that. The auctioneers ads and photos wouldn’t mention that but a local would realise it straight away.

So, what’s the story with a discussion like this:


Acceptable? IMO this discussion is relevant to both this house in particular (where Marian stands in terms of desirability in Rathfarnham is important to its future prospects against the competition) and the south Dublin forum in general (in that all values are relative, and this value has a knock-on effect for properties nearby).

It would be my opinion that this is the way the drops forums should work now, assuming other forum guidelines are observed (no personalised comments, no glee, no unsubstantiated gossip etc).

I’ve posted advice on that thread. try to follow it.

Provost, I would happily follow it if I knew what was “on topic” in the price drop forums. I started this thread to try and find this out, but to be honest I am still none the wiser. And I am at a bit of a loss to understand why none of the mods have explained in simple terms in this thread what’s acceptable and what’s not.

I have explained on this thread already. Here is a quote of my post:

so go with that in the absense of anything further

Anything beyond substantiated fact will be deleted when we get round to it.

And that means having something more than I talked to such and such or I had a look at this house, that is not substaniated fact.