What's Bert Saying?

I have changed tha main page banner.

If you haven’t already noticed we have given our most gracious & majestic leader “bertie” a chance to make his point clear.

What I would like to know and I am sure many others would too, is what is bertie actually saying!

Post your interpretations of your favourite Bertie Speak or whatever you think you overheard and we’ll paste the best of them into the speech bubble from time to time!

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I just saw this post (and Bertie Bubble!) after a good few glasses of wine - love it, love it, love it!

Still awaiting his “prudent management” of the bubble…


I think he is commenting on how his cronies didnt get away with knocking 300,000 voters off the register, and improving the chances of Fianna Fail getting re-elected.

Or perhaps he feels that the election has truly been bought already with SSIA cash and a 2.75 Billion surplus to slosh around the golf courses of Ireland.

Or perhaps he feels that the national lottery have done a fantastic job of sticking it to the proletariat by jacking up the prices and reducing the chances of winning by several billion. True Fianna Fail style. How is it that some decrepid aul wan aged 107 always wins the feckin lotto anyway?

And why is it that on Winning Streak the TV show that the envelopes for next weeks players have NO STAMPS and are conviniently NUMBERED so that when Declan Dickhead calls out "Number 6 " or whatever that the name and address appears on the screen INSTANTLY. By God if I see another fucking civil servant on Winning Streak Im going to go Postal.

Well I’m not sure this is on topic, but :slight_smile: … just a small amount of the received winning streak tickets end up in the drum. Every one have them has already been opened, checked to confirm it has three stars or whatever, then the names and addresses are recorded and the ticket is put in a new envelope and into the drum. The rest I suppose go in the green bin.

Why should they throw away tickets?

Do people not pay to enter the draw?

Whats to stop them fiddling it?

Why are there so many civil servants on Winning Streak?

The very fact that they throw away valid tickets is a fucking joke, whats the point in entering if they simply throw your ticket away?

From rte.ie/business/2006/0407/property.html

It’s mad, because a week later, Cowen comes out with this gem…

From rte.ie/business/2006/0414/property.html

Ah…joined-up government - I love it! :laughing:

Bertie the Bull & Biffo The Bear!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A quaint bedtime story with a evolving moral & social lesson…

OH I feel some new property pin artwork coming apon me!

Jaysus, the man can’t string a sentence in English together when he has to ad-lib…

“which was a practice that anybody did in the country”…

He is making about as much sense as the Pope, who the fuck signs blank cheques other than completely corrupt gobsheens.

And that’s being very frank and honest about it young Bertram!!!


I declare this entire thread to be nothing but rank begrudgery.


Patrick Bartholomew Ahern

The corrupt, moaning little twat.

I guess Bertie’s cheque arrived too late…

"Ireland is now producing homes at a rate of over 20 per 1,000 residents . … the highest in Europe.â€

According to the (very reliable source that is the) Herald AM this morning, Bertie is saying that estate agents have no excuse to increase their fees just because house prices are slowing. (He doesn’t say anything about what they can do if there is widespread reports of falling prices)


Any chance of an update as to what Napolean might be saying - what a glorious head - makes me so proud to be Irish?