What's Herberton Road D8 like to live?

Very interested in a house on Herberton Road, Rialto, D8 but little worried about the area. Anyone any insight?

We bought a house around the corner from Herberton Rd two years ago having rented close by for a couple of years. We have had little to no trouble. The only thing that’s happened is that we left our car unlocked in error one night and yes things got stolen but that can happen anywhere.

We were wary of buying here too but we wanted to live close to the city centre, close enough to family and we didn’t want a new build. This area fit the bill. Rialto village has a good butchers and the cheapest Centra in Dublin. The Bird Flanagan isn’t a bad pub either - would stay away from the other pub in the village though - looks a bit dodgy. There’s a big enough Tesco in Crumlin Shopping Centre which is well stocked and very handy.

Dolphin House is another cause of concern for people moving into the area. They’re in the process of renovating it so the development should look better in the next 5 years or so. We’ve not had any trouble with anti-social behaviour or anything like that. Dolphin’s Barn is a different story - weird atmosphere in the Tesco there.

The next thing is schools, I’m not sure what your situation is. We’ve no kids yet but they’re definitely on the radar for us so I’ve my ear to the ground. I’ve heard bad things about the Loreto National School however there’s an Educate Together in Griffith Barracks and Basin Lane which are supposed to be grant.

If you’ve any specific questions, feel free to ask away here or PM me. I can confidently say, we have no regrets having bought here.

Edit: I should also say that Herberton Road is Dublin 12 south of the canal and Dublin 8 north of the canal. The only houses I know for sale are on the south side and therefore are in Dublin 12 if that’s important to you…

Appreciate the great reply and your honesty.

We’re going for a second viewing this week and will go from there.

If I think of anything else I’ll send you a PM - thanks!

The usual suggestion if you have concerns is to walk around the neighbourhood at different times, eg Saturday night, to see how it feels.

No worries - best of luck.

Herberton Road is on both sides of the canal, and extends from Crumlin Garda Station in Dublin 12, goes over the canal into Dublin 8, and finishes at the roundabout in Rialto.

We bought around the corner from the Dublin 8 end, last year, and are very happy.

Our kids are in the Canal Way ETNS (aka Basin Lane), which is great.

The Dolphin’s Barn end of Rialto is a little scrappier, but this end is much more settled, and is still well located.

I would think a street off Herberton would be preferable though, and the road itself can be quite busy.