Whats in store for the Dublin property market?


As I previously mentioned we are trading down from a 5 bed 1960s semi (although gutted and modernized many times ) in D5 to a smaller more manageable property,hopefully in the D3,D5,D13 area.
My daughter bought our house and the son has just bought in Belltree in Clongriffin.
Whats in store for the property markets in these areas.
Will the slow but steady price drops continue.
Will the new phase of mortgage exemptions in January re ignite the market albeit temporarily .
Has reality eventually started to bite and people wont pay crazy money any more.
I have noticed new builds in clongriffin and parkside are selling out fairly quickly so this end of the market is not being affected as badly,although grants ,BER ratings and the DART may have a big effect on this
Thoughts ramblings and rants on above all welcome.


Headlines of falling prices and Brexit do not inspire confidence IMO.


It seems to be a two speed market alright. Up to 350/400k is still firing ahead. After that there are only so many people out there who have the numbers to play the game.


We are on the border.
Looking to spend 350-450k on a house bungalow with a good BER rating that’s ready to move into,
Don’t mind replacing a kitchen /bathroom as they are 1 week jobs but we have done enough renovating turning a 3 bed semi G rated 60’s house into a 5 bed 4 bath A rated house with solar panels and heat pump that we want a stress free life when I take redundancy/retirement next year
New builds seem to be bucking the price trend eith second phases being dearer than the first phase and new apts going the same way.
Most older apts are shoddily built with sizes that would not pass planning laws now and deplorable BER ratings.
Management fees are in the main exorbitant and have no rhyme or reason.
We were looking at the Casino in Malahide but no sign of what management fees are till Mr gannon sells enough of the rented properties to get a management company in.
Wont be buying in Jan/Feb for sure ,I think we will wait till later in the year.
Very little caught our eye so far (in our price range )except one but a bit of investigation into bus corridors put us off.
Ah well wait and see time