Whats it worth? - Booterstown

Hi All,

Just wanted to get your opinion on two properties I am looking at:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/133025


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/133025

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Is it worth an appropriate title!

At least, give an indication of location in the thread title…

both links are for the same property

My apologies…

here is the second house

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/108203

Thank you

think you could pick up either of those houses for 350k and maybe 300k if you wait til next year.

Id say the McCabes Villas house is pretty small. Theres been a few of those over the last two years or so with the refurbishment projects asking like 200k, I wouldnt hand over 365k for that no way, its fancy on the inside but imagine you bought another one for less than 200 and brought it up to the same spec. I reckon youd have some change from your 365k budget.

The Killiney house seems ok bigger perhaps, hard to say how much prices are going to drop in places like that but I might be inclined to pay 250 for it.

bilbot79 u say ‘refurbishment projects asking like 200k,’ where are these - i dont see any…

162k no more no less for the first gaff and 177k no more no less for the second gaff

This one is currently 255k


and if you look for 70 McCabe Villas here you’ll see the 200 asking

irishpropertywatch.com/sales … Region=any

Would be nice if TWG’s austere valuations came true :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the feedback! I have just started out as a first time buyer so im finding this forum both an eye opener and invaluable :wink:

Mccabes villas was actually much bigger than expected on the inside but was lacking a back garden due to it being extended… they did have an offer of 320 on it, but i dont think they accepted it!!

Seems to me you are choosing between 2 quite different (both nice) areas - If you commute it takes a good 30 minutes longer to get from town to Killiney than to Booterstown? But at Killiney you have nicer beach etc. If you buy in a dropping market you are buying for the long-haul, so do think carefully as you won’t sell easily for a very long time?

I’d take a good walk around Bayview before considering it - there some quite “dodgy” areas to the rear (walk back from the sea) and I’ve heard reports of antisocial behaviour, particularly in the summer when teenagers hang out the beach at night - probably not a show-stopper but just something to be aware of. It is also closer to Shankill and Ballybrack than Killiney itself, so this has some impact on catchment areas for schools - again may not be an issue for you?

I love the beach and the views etc in Killiney but theres nuthin else there. Its more suitable to rich people with big houses and big cars that just want to be far away from everything. Theres virtually no village and if you walk to the pub youre going up a very steep hill (think it burned to the ground last year aswell).

at the moment we are looking at somewhere on the southside dart line, the difference in the commute wouldnt bother me as i am coming from north wicklow at the moment, so they are both shorter than that!!!

this would be a starter family home, possibly looking at moving into a larger one in ten years or so if needed… its certainly a hike up that hill to the ‘local’…

there arent many three beds around the area for that price - budget is 400, but i did see this:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/189619

79 sq m is very small even for a “starter family home” - kids come with a lot of stuff and a back garden makes a big difference too.

Rent still buys you a lot more space than buying in Killiney at the moment - approx 1200 for a 3-bed or 1600 for a 4-bed. Have you considered renting for a while and letting prices drop some more - don’t rush to buy yet?

looking at ireland from the outside, i find it hard to understand how people see prices over €400k as reasonable!

I think hes right

we are renting at the moment, we are looking to buy in the summer some time so trying to do my research now - im am getting married the year after next so i would like to have bought a house by then and have that side of things sorted out, im not sure i can handle house and wedding dress shopping at the same time :smiley:

i am surprised that the house prices in that area havnt come down more - but thanks to the property pin ill be doing some hard negotiating!!! even though the boom years are well behind us, its still hard not to get caught up in the ‘have to have a house right now’ thinking.

Congrats! As I’m (more than) a few years ahead of you (married, kids etc) my advice would be to really take your time. Prices in the SCD areas you mention have been very sticky but are finally starting to drop, but still a good way off “normality” (i.e. reasonable salary multiples). As people on this site will explain much better than I can, this country is going to be in a bad way for a long time. House prices may stabilise but are unlikely to go up for a very long time, so one thing is certain - it will cost you a lot to move again in the next 5-10 years. Therefore you need to buy a house you can see yourself+ family staying in for 10+ years. And commuting time takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids to collect from the creche, so you may not value 30 extra minutes now, but that changes!

If you’re not 100% sure stay renting until you are as the wrong decision can cost you dearly (and again - that’s the voice of experience!). A house is for life these days - best of luck!

I must say I have to second everything TBear said on that. As newlywed myself I know how much of an exciting time it is planning the wedding. I would not be combining house hunting into it too. People our age without big mortgages are really, really lucky in my opinion, finally there is no rush on us to buy a house for fear it will be priced out of our reach next year. I cannot imagine what it was like for those, a couple of years ago, who found a house they liked but could not compete with ridiculous bids that kept going up and up. We are now in a position to look at houses that may at first seem to be out of our price range and in fact find that they are becoming more and more within reach. For the money you are talking about I am confident that you should not be confined to an ex corpo two bed as a ‘family home’. I would recommend that you rent such a house in Booterstown for a year. If you really think it is suitable and you like the neighbourhood you can always go buy one then. Seriously, take advantage of the fact that finally there is no panic to buy right now!