Whats it worth - Firhouse

Most other 3 beds are asking circa 300k but this 4 bed is listed as 320k, thoughts?


138k no more no less would be my offer here . . .

From a price versus size perspective, its very good value at 2666 per sq meter. You are getting a lot of house for the money.

It’s one of the more competitively priced houses on the Ballycullen side of Firhouse.

Most houses now in “old” Firhouse are asking ~300K, whereas in “new” Firhouse they seem to be a bit more deluded.

Whether that represents good value, who knows, but I would say when they were built in or around 2000 they would have been asking no more than 200K, which is probably where they will end up at again.

Yeah, 200k makes sense to me for several reasons:

  1. This property would rent at about €1k pm meaning the yield is pricing it at around €200k+/-
  2. €200k fits in with the kind of mortgage 1.5x an average single income could borrow (say, 1 full time €50k salary and one part-time/lower paid one of €10k - €20k being loaned 3x that amount. That assumption is very generous given some threads on the Pin today about stringent lending criteria by the banks).
  3. Long term trend suggests many properties in the country are still 30%-40% overpriced. Again, €200k fits in with that schema.
  4. I am not an expert on pricing per sq. ft., but it would not surprise me if this metric threw up a similar valuation