What's it worth??? House in Castletroy Limerick

Folks, if anyone has the time, what price is this house worth.
Its in a quiet Cul de Sac off the Golf Links road in Castletroy Limerick. It’s ready to walk into with buckets of room. Biggest drawback is the 7 bathrooms. WTF!!!
Not planning to buy for about another year but starting to look to gauge state of market. Lots of denial out there yet.
Rang the estate agent today. MVA is €800K.

Thanks to everyone in advance.


First of all it is hardly Southfork Ranch dude @ only 4000 square feet not 40,000 square feet like that dozy EA said , if even that much .

If you had to buy it today you might get them to accept 650k. If you wait for the bottom and so do they you’ll get it for less than 400k imo.

Lived in that area for a while last year. Don’t remember the house, but I do think it’s a lovely spot. Isn’t there a new, unfinished (maybe finished now) estate to the left as you drive up the hill on the golf links road?
I remember they were initially looking for 1mill.

For that money, you want to be getting something out near Adare or Killaloe.

Yes there is and I think your price is about right too. Had a look as we drove past and many of them are still unoccupied. Not sure what the asking price is now but would be interested to know.

Foxhollow where I’m interested in is in a cul de sac across the road from those houses.

Does it come with a good alarm? Offer €450,000 next year if they will double the height of the gates out front!
Biggest drawback is definately the 7 bathrooms, for that money you would want at least 10! :smiley:

Lovely house, it has to be said.

Wow, the floor area is nearly one acre! (0.9266451805018701 acres to be exact)

Are EAs the laziest and stupidest ‘professionals’ on Earth?

350sqm gaff in Castletroy ?

€400k. Being generous. Might well go lower but an ok offer today for a long term purchaser (10+ yrs) imho.

Given that we are firmly in knife catching territory, not bottom feeding territory.

I wouldn’t dream of living in a house with less than 10 bathrooms :blush:

Beechwood is where I lived:

Lovely house (though needed refurbishment) and a lovely estate. I actually really liked the area and never had a single problem the year I spent living in Limerick.

That Beechwood house has gone from 550K to 450K since July 2008. I think my landlord sold his for near enough 500K last year. Had owned it for a long time too. There are some big houses in the 450-500K range.

Limerick is topsy turvy world!

For comparative purposes:

Close by:
daft.ie/15018 - 3,874 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - €1,200,000
daft.ie/1373144 - 2,658 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - €875,000
daft.ie/196136 - 2,840 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - POA=€695,000

daft.ie/1450222 - 3,069 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - €860,000
daft.ie/1411642 - 2,060 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - €595,000
daft.ie/1421924 - 1,999 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - €490,000

daft.ie/1391807 - 3,250 Sq. Feet - 6 Bedrooms - €650,000
daft.ie/1384609 - 3,000 Sq. Feet - 4 Bedrooms - €625,000
daft.ie/1417444 - 2,900 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - €495,000

In the Environs:
daft.ie/1242813 - 2,819 Sq. Feet - 7 Bedrooms - €650,000
daft.ie/1436995 - 2,800 Sq. Feet - 4 Bedrooms - €650,000
daft.ie/1385948 - 4,207 Sq. Feet - 5 Bedrooms - €599,000

Fancy a ride? House with Equestrian Centre:
daft.ie/1443386 - €950,000

Fancy being taken for a ride? 2 Houses without roofs/walls/etc:
daft.ie/1313228 - €400,000

  • None of them are worth the asking price.
  • What industry in Limerick pays wages to service mortgages for these prices?
  • What banks will want these on their books?
  • The market is trína chéile.

I worked on 3 of the houses in this area and while I agree that the house in question is one of the better ones, I would consider the following before purchasing;

  1. House prices will drop considerably as the ecnomy declines.
  2. Most of the houses on this small estate are very large but the sites are less than 1/2 an acre. This has made the area very congested.
  3. Houses will be built in the fields adjacent this property eventually.
  4. These sites sold for approx. 100k about 5 years ago. The house in quextion has the best of materials in it but hardly cost more than 22k to build. So it’s still massively overpriced.

Thanks for the info JW. I’m not looking at buying anything this year. This is just one of a number of places that I’m keeping on the radar. I agree about the houses being pretty close to one another as I went for a snoop recently. One thing, are you sure it only cost 22k to build. This seems awfully cheap?

add another 0 to that - 220k

Thanks for the tour WGU. Great work. Some of those houses are UGLY. A few gems though - at the right price.

I really like the €1.2M one - but it’s been that price for at least 2 years, if not longer. Guess they either have no interest in selling it or will only sell it “for what it’s worth”.

The one above in Castleconnell was €700K (unfinished) at one stage and I reckon they’d take €400K (unfinished) in a heartbeat. Still overpriced at that.

The last one above is a cracker - in the arse-end of nowhere! It’s one of those classic examples of right house, completely wrong location. No idea what price would ever sell it.