What's it worth - Inishannon, Co.Cork

Interested in your thoughts on this one. Inishannon is a lovely place and I certainly couldn’t afford a house there a few years ago. These have dropped in price a fair bit and I still wouldn’t be interested, but would like your thoughts on how much you’d say would be a fair price?


When I got to “Fleming” I stopped, fair price? nice spot, the gateway of west cork, good pubs, civil war is still active, believe me, good salmon/trout (brown & white) fishing, Kinsale not far, good deepsea fishing, Eli Lily, Schering Plough(for how long?), Garretstown beach,(excellent surfing)… Bandon, etc not far.

Indeed the city would only be 25mins…

Its not a bad price would probably sell for €245k to €260k.

I do not sell houses for a living either.

A friend just bought a futuristic mansion in Enniskeane for substantially less with more mod cons, so to start - Knock at least 100k off that 298.

Now, First, its West Cork, which is utterly ignored in the CASP in terms of infrastructure and amenities, compared to East Cork or any other part of Cork.
(e.g. no swimming pool for at least 25k either direction, no fibre optics, no dual carraigeway from Innishannon to Mizen head, no railways etc.)
Public transports is atrocious and massively overpriced, e.g. €9 for a bus from Bandon to Cork.
No flyover on the Bandon road roundabout or Wilton, talking about a 60min drive from Bandon to Mahon Point in the City in the mornings (using the shortcuts) and closer to 90mins if going to North Cork.

Innishannon is a tiny, tiny village. Very little on offer within walking distance.
Massively disruptive road works 3 times per year for the last 2 years, 4 to 8 weeks at a time.

Bandon is deader than dead after the floods. Loads of businesses and people evacuating, pay parking and double fines compared to the city, even the Bandon Lidl & doesn’t stock much anymore due to falling numbers. Turning into a bit of a ghost town.
Clon noticably quieter in 2009, worse to come in 2010.
Personally, I wouldn’t be prepared to pay more than €160k for that house in Innishannon & €150k at the very most for that in Bandon.

I would definitely rent for a year in a town like Innishannon or Bandon before buying, could be making a big mistake otherwise.

my offer would be 101k euro and a bag of sticks - no more no less…

In fairness the spec looks decent, e.g. concrete first floor, but don’t buy a semi-detached house outside the cities for any money. Possible exception of well built late 19th early 20th century ones.

At least close to a city you’ll rent it and resell it - for something - but otherwise you’re only one step up from owning an unsellable and unmortgagable apartment in a relatively rural area. There’s no good excuse for not building detached houses in the likes of Inishannon.

If you’re tempted I’d insist on checking sound insulation via getting access and plugging a loud stereo next door, slamming doors, flushing toilets, getting someone to run around in hard soled shoes. If the builder/auctioneer refuses this then you you don’t need to know any more.

If you really want to live in Inishannon then so be it but I believe that living there because it’s a nice spot is over-rating the place because of the scenic comfort that the town can give you as you drive through it.

Don’t buy semi-detached.
Don’t buy there if you’ve got to commute to Cork City (cost, loss of life time (i.e. the irreplaceable time while driving to your job))
Dont’ buy in an estate in Inishannon (cause it’ll again just be an estate and not sure that walking up and down Inishannon will do it for scenic comfort at that stage).

Overall don’t buy but it’s probably worth about 150K in the current market for a Semi-D and about 180K for a detached…

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