Whats it worth? Is this near value?


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A stone’s throw from the dart… :unamused: Jaysus that EA must be some man!!

It’s a 45sqm 1 bed shoebox in suburban Dublin. I reckon it’s worth about €100k.

Very generous of you xman. A Dublin well positioned and cared for one bed will be bought for less than 50,000 when the dust settles.

50k? seems a bit low dont you think? 3.5 times main earners would mean that with a salary of 14k you can own your own place. Cant see it.

50k is probably a bit low however owning a 1 bed room apartment, particularly Irish ones, isn’t worth much. Even if you love apartment living can you really see anyone putting up with these apartments for more than a few years? They’re only good for rental purposes.

If they are throwing stones at the dart then I don’t want to live there…

I’l get my coat

Looked travelling times up here


That is not even remotely close to reasonable walking distance to the dart. The EA is mad.

in the past few years truth has been frighteningly stranger than fiction, so if Ross O’Carroll Kellys new neighbours thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=24589 are getting a place for €28 a week on the social, then the multiplier is fecked for the forseeable future.

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its about a 20-25 min sharp walk to killester dart station from there…

Applying even a cheap rent of 650 pm with the 14 times annual rent formula leaves this place worth about 100k. It would probably rent for more than that. Even if 1 bed apartments become unpopular this is roof over your head in a nice part of the capital city. It certainly does have value.


According to the DTO website It’s 2.7 km from Danes court to Killester dart, Journey time 32 mins. Anyone who does it in 20 mins would need a change of clothes for work.


Clontarf with its
myriad of specialist shops, restaurants, schools and DART station
is only a stone’s throw away.

He doesnt actually say the dart station is a stone’s throw away. Its Clontarf itself thats a stones throw away and it has a dart station.

I don’t think the 3.5 rule will apply to a one bed. One beds are a special case as there is no room to grow. There is a limited market.

With the glut of supply and rising management fees together with cannies being I think this would be entirely possible. nama might make a bollox of it.
But housing levels at this price would be very good for long term competitiveness of our industry

the only way we will get out of this mess…

So all these one beds could save our economy? :slight_smile:

I contacted EA, as usual there is an “offer” already of 170k. I said I didnt believe him and that it was only worth 130. Funny thing is he got a bit uptight and came back asking how I arrived at that valuation. I dont reckon he would be bothered about such things if there was a sturdy offer equal to the asking tho. Still speculation only.

48k, 1 sack of lemons and a '01 Skoda Fabia no more no less would be my offer here…