What's Old Cabra Road, Dublin 7 like?

I was talking to a friend the other day who is looking at properties around this area. Any ideas on what it’s like? The road seems busy enough but near the Phoenix Park, bus routes to town etc.

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The houses which line the Old Cabra Road are really nice red bricked ones from 1930’s on, most with huge (excess 100ft) gardens.If they were in the right location you would pay an arm and a leg (even in these times), in my opinion much more substantial than you would get in Ranelagh. As far as i recall they were built to house the top brass for the Army Barracks (can’t remember name).
Close to town alright but as the address suggests close to Cabra which would have alot of anti-social issues .On the other of the road it backs onto Dunard which also would have as my Mum would say “an undesirable element” . Horses for Courses.