What's the smallest site you can build on in Dublin?

Looking at this house and similar airbnb.com/rooms/3055226?s=8

Is there a limit as to what the smallest site you could build on? Plot ratios or open space requirements? For instance a 25 square metre site.

How small do you want to go?

I don’t know the answer but if the plot size is very small you’ll have to go up!

19A heytesbury Place, Long Lane, Dublin 8 is absolutely tiny, but the size of the site is flattered by the length of the garden.

It’s Eircode address reads like the building’s dimensions, in feet!

D08 X4X8

And a Pin thread from when it came on the market.

I think there is a guideline of 15m2 of “private open space” per bedspace provided in the house. But you can factor roof terraces, etc into this calculation. I guess with a bespoke design by a clever architect you could build on an incredibly small plot of land.