what's this 3 bed ex-corpo drumcondra worth?

myhome.ie/residential/search … TNXL397976
Hope link works, what would you offer for this?

85k no more no less

no less??? Surely if an offer of 60k would be acccepted you wouldn’t jump in and offer 15k more?

85k is lower than I expected even on the pin, I thought more like 185k. Not that I’d expect them to accept, be lucky to get it for 250k now I’d say.

i see no reason why this would be worth any more than 4-5 times average wage. €160-€200k fully valued.

current asking price cloud cuckoo land.

What does “now” mean? Has the bubble re-inflated since I went to bed last night?

i presume the €250k remark refers to the continuing unwillingness to sell for less than ‘what it’s really worth’.

“now” refers to the fact that it’s relatively well priced to other houses in the area and has come down about €200k from the peak. I’m not saying that’s a fair price by the way.

down from the “peak” of what? lunacy? so what? why is a comparison to the “peak” relevant?
you’re suggesting it is “relatively well priced”. what does that mean? are you suggesting this grotty “3 bed ex-corpo drumcondra” is worth over a third of a million euro? no. it’s underlying true value, I believe, is €60-€70k. In truth, it is worth less. In truth, it should be owned by the state to house people who can’t afford to house themselves. To suggest this was “worth” €550k at the “peak” is hilarious. To suggest it is a bargain now, and you’re saving €200k, or something, is even more of a joke.
Also, when looking at house prices, I’ve started to look at what the repayments would sum to. At €345k, this thing would end up costing you close to the million over 35 years at a 5/6% interest rate…you’re having a laugh


Excellent reply ipoker.
This post should be referred to when all these “what`s it worth” posts appear.
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god all mighty, ye are so wound up. I didn’t say it was fundamentally worth anything, I know the peak is madness. It may well be worth less than €60k, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

sorry, i need to eat more fruit…i didn’t like the tone of “now”

its worth about 10k max.
ok i know you could rent it out for 1200 a month to the social which works out at 14k a year - but after tax etc etc etc you would be lucky to clear 7k a year. then you have all those extra taxes.
but there will be no capital appreciation , so all you would have is the monthly rent coming in.
not much good to anyone.
run a mile i say

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Admin, Admin, quick, did someone just hijack 2Gaffs account?

1999, when a 3 bed semi-d was €65k

why so conservative? why stop at 1999.
In the 70s you would have picked up a similar gaff to this for a few hundred quid. definitely less than 1000 euro anyway.
if i was the original poster i would put in a 70s offer ie 900 euro.
if this is refused just do nothing , the agent will get back to you.
I guarantee that the seller will bite your hand off next year for 900 euro.

That’s over paying. Get the surveyor in after you front porch the offer, could get at least 90 quid off.

I do be worried about 2Gaffs I do !

This place will not fall below €100k no matter what , too central .

2Gaffs has been a bit odd since I guaranteed that a chap who bid 9% under the asking price would have the hand bitten off him at that price next year.


I am looking forward to the day when I can bump that thread, showing at very least a 9% fall in the asking.

Nearer 6500 punt in 1975.