Whats up with this EA

This is an excerpt from my property bee, the EA keeps changing the sale agreed date, is this because the EA wants to give the false pretence that properties are selling NOW in this particular area

The EA is GWD .Well whats up?


Classic. Sure drop them an email and ask them are they having a problem closing the deal.

Hell, ask them is it still on the market??? :wink:

Ask them would this count as 5 properties going Sale Agreed when they compile their statistics.


Maybe they’re doing a Michael Lynn and have sold the gaff to 5 different punters?

Here is another EA that might need to get their head examined?



The address is the best
“Kill, Kill,
Co. Cavan”

Are they trying to tell us something.

I have been tracking a couple of properties with GWD. Was just looking at daft.ie and it seems GWD update their sale agreed properties on a daily basis with the latest date.
Why exactly would they do this, what are they trying to gain? Is it stats or just to entice more people to sell with them?
Seems pretty dumb to me!

Jaysus you’d want to be Spiderman to get up thos stairs in picture 3! :laughing: