What's with the tech sector?


Dell’s Ups and Downs With Options -> nytimes.com/2013/01/18/busin … iness&_r=0

Dell is also joined at the hip to the Wintel market, lets see if any of their acquisitions help them out before the bankers raid them.

Dell’s ‘Project Ophelia’ might be my favorite gadget at CES -> zdnet.com/dells-project-ophe … 000009542/


I don’t see what is so much better about Ophelia than my Android dongle when there are practically no touch screen monitors out there.
I’ll happily continue to use my keysonic wireless keyboard and trackpad with the dongle on my bit TV for the time being.

As for share buybacks this article mentions the bad companies that have never paid dividend. It mentions symantec who have used the money to buyback shares although this is benefiting no one in particular.

247wallst.com/2012/06/13/the-201 … -should/3/


Which android dongle are you using?


Rikomagic MK802 II tucked away behind the TV. It was obsolete by the time it arrived in the post as it took so long for dealextreme to deliver.
Still turns a TV in to a personal computer but the secret is to have a good input device and I’m very happy with my keysonic ack-540 keyboard.


I just happened on this today on a jobs site that I look at occasionally. The two jobs below appeared one above the other - Dublin and London contracts both for Java Developers in the Financial sector. The Dublin job at 300-350 Euro per day the London Job at 450 to 650 Sterling per day.

If I was renting in Dublin and working in IT I’d be off to London - London is more expensive alright but even at the smallest difference (450Stg (520 Eur) to 350 Eur) you would be gaining.

Dublin - Senior Java Developer - 300 - 350 Euro per day


London - Java Devs 450-650 Stg per day



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Bebo returns to its LTEV :smiley:

irishtimes.com/news/technolo … -1.1450391

Tech industry CEOs don’t seem to be much more competent than financial industry ones.


That’s cos most tech company CEOs are chancers from Morkeshing who know little and care less about delivering a working product to customers who want to pay for it - for them it’s all about making wild promises and bigging up the bling on a get-rich-quick scam.

Yeah, pretty much like finance CEOs now you mention it!


That’s a remarkably snarky article (byline is Reuters). Bebo/AOL/Birch condemn themselves - we don’t really need some hack editorializing in a supposed news piece.


some time later HP announce “we waz robbed” w.r.t. autonomy

irishexaminer.com/business/h … 57710.html


For those wishing to keep up to date on Mike Lynch’s side of the story.



In summary, HP did ‘a Nelson’, & held the telescope up to their blind eye, & saw exactly what they wanted to see !


Any pointers for an experienced programmer returning to the workforce looking for 3-6 months work in app development.


Find a recruiter who isn’t a total spa’.

I can PM you a couple if you’re Dublin based.


Please do Thanks!


Any word on HP in Ireland? What’s the line on Intel lately? I had heard things were supposed to slow down construction wise with Israeli engineers coming over. Intel have put a seriouse bid into rental market in North Kildare the last 18 months.

Everyone has forgotten what it was like when these giants slowed down and pulled back.


For Intel at least, they’ve invested a few billion dollars in Leixlip in the last couple of years, & all the construction is more or less done, & they’ll be manufacturing their latest processors there. So as a location, its’ in good nick for the next 4-5 years at least.


Re the tech sector, looks like demand is increasing: morganmckinley.ie/article/11 … -last-year . I wonder how much of that is new positions and how much is generated by people moving around (since that could increase that 15% number as well).


We’re hiring software engineers. Or should I say attempting to hire. There seem to be very few techies out there actually looking for a job. Id say out of 20 applications Ive had, about 10 of them are living in Ireland and out of those 10 about 8 are have been in ireland for a couple of years.


I was told yesterday that my contract renewal is not certain (10 weeks left), so I brushed up the CV, fired it off to 2 recruiters and one of them had an interview lined up 20 hours later - long may it last. :smiley: