whats wrong with this place ?

seems very cheap , beaumont is a boring but decent enough area , is this part of a poorly built new development or what ?


I wouldn’t say it’s cheap, just not overpriced!

Dont know but I think its cruel to cage children in a run like rabbits in pic 6/6

It’s reasonably priced. Arguably could go lower this year, maybe should be less than 140k.

It’s a 2 bed mid terrace in Beaumont. It should be less than 140k.

so beaumont isnt a good area ?

Neither good nor bad,pretty much middle of the road really.

Main thing is to make sure they have things to gnaw on so they don’t end up chewing the wire.
Also giving them some salt/mineral blocks to keep up their trace elements is a good idea.

Also need to make sure of course that the wire goes a couple of metres below the ground level or there’s no point (although since the “run” in that photo is concreted/paved it may be ok so long as the wire is embedded into the concrete or tucked under the paving.

Regarding the house, there was another thread with a bunch of houses around the €150k for 2 bedrooms on northside, and this one would fit broadly into that category I guess.

There’s nothing much wrong with this place. Decent area, house is keenly priced. Beaumont Woods was developed by Castlethorn and the build quality is pretty good.

It would rent for about €1000 / month, producing a gross yield of 7.5% which is not too bad.

Beaumont is a good location - great for young families, but also has solid rental demand.