When are the idle properties going to come to the market ?

Looking for a property in North County Dublin i must say it’s extremely annoying to see fully built properties rotting away in villages all across NCD, while the many that are available in the secondhand market are still looking for over the odds.

It is shameful that these properties, many of them high standard and far from shoeboxes are being allowed to rot, when people want to buy property…what gives ???

We are going to have to pay for all these in the end, if they become worthless through higher taxes anyway.

People not paying their mortgages, houses lying idle…you can hardly see any end to this with the extend and pretend policy of the current and last govt.

Ballalease Court Portrane Road Donabate

Bremore Lodge Hamlet lane Balbriggan

Bremore Pastures Bremore Balbriggan

Casleland Rise Castleland Balbriggan

Castlegrange Hansfield

Castleland Park Castleland Balbriggan

Courtneys Way Garristown Village Garristown

Delvin Banks Balbriggan Road Naul

Golden Ridge Skerries Road Rush

Hampton Gardens Naul Road Balbriggan

Hastings Lawn Bremore Balbriggan

Hayestown Close Old Hayestown Rush

Knocksedan Naul road Brackenstown

Lynwood Ballyboughal Village Ballyboughal

Mill Hill Park Mill Hill Skerries

Murragh House Murragh Oldtown

Oldtown Avenue Fieldstown road Oldtown

Plan Ref F03A/1640 Drinan Kinsealy

Plan Ref F05A/0265 (Ridgewood – Phase 7A) Forest Road Swords

Plan Ref F06A/0903 Carrickhill Road Upper Portmarnock

Plan Ref F06A/1147 Weston Avenue, Main Street Naul

Plan Ref F07A/0171 Golf Road/Sundrive Road Rush

Plan Ref F07A/0444 (Keverville Site) Thormanby Road Howth

Plan Ref F07A/0770 Hamlett Lane Balbriggan

Plan Ref F07A/0837 (Brackenwood Lane) Flemington Balbriggan

Plan Ref F08A/0181 (Aldi site) Clonard hill Balbriggan

Seabrook Brook Lane Rush

Seamount Abbey Seamount Road Malahide

The Forge Lusk Relief Road Lusk

The Gallery Phase 2 Turvey Walk Donabate

The Grange Ballyboughal Village Ballyboughal

The Hastings Bremore Balbriggan

The Orchard Chapel Lane Garristown

The Ospreys Balbriggan Road Skerries

The Warren Swords Road Malahide

towns-ireland.com/fingal-unf … g-waivers/

we need answers!

Its a shame, and it won’t encourage me to vote for the present or previous governments.

That is a long list though, imagine the size of a Ireland wide list…

It also is discouraging me to buy a place, considering all the uncertainty around supply between people going to default on mortgages, Nama moving properties, developers sitting on apartments/houses etc. Anyone who is buying now, has to be aware that these are going to end up on the market sooner or later and all things being equal drop the value of their purchase.

I get the feeling that some people would rather they be knocked down, than sold at a knock down price!

The danger is we have dimwits like Noonan (if not a dimwit then is intentionally misleading people) talking about green shoots in the property market and basically making like that is the root problem with the economy. Knock em all down and the economy will take off like a rocket.

Economics 101: Parable of the broken window.

And based on threads on boards.ie that is more reflective of the general population than here you have people falling for it.
boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 2056629529

I just hope that thread is from a party hack rather than genuine person.