When did you buy a PPR?

When did you buy a PPR?

  • I bought my PPR prior to 2000
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • I’m out of the house buying market
  • I’m waiting

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Is it just me or have a lot of pinsters bought recently?

Just when did you buy your PPR or are you out entirely?

You may select more that one option if you double or triple dipped!

PPR = Principal Primary Residence

First bought in 2000. It is advertised for sale now at 25% less than the 2000 purchase price, with the curtains, white goods and decor we sold in 2005…

May 1995. Have moved once since.

For the record we bought our PPR in 2003 and all being well we will buy our “take us out in a box” house prior to Xmas 2013 so we can avail of the free property tax for three years deal.

At the moment I’m busting balls and the female equivalent to complete in 2013 as Im sure a lot of people are. I predict that a lot of Jan 2014 completions have been pulled into Dec 2013 which will give a boost to the 2013 Q4 figures at the expense of the Q1 2014 figures.

Mr & Mrs Ti owe the pin a lifetimes supply of drinks for avoiding buying until now. If we successfully complete we will have boust at 39% of the peak purchase price of an identical house, so irregardless of what the market does I think we will have got a good deal.

Thanks Pin 8DD

Bought hopefully forever house in 2013, only took 7 years of thinking about it and around a year from initially going sale agreed to completion.

First bought in 1988. Sold up in 1989 due to personal circumstances. Watched prices rise throughout the nineties with increasing alarm. Bought a rural site in 1998 as a precautionary measure, and built on it in 2003. It’s my PPR although I spend as much time or more in Dublin in a shared house I don’t own. I like the arrangement and consider myself out of the property market, although one never knows.

Identical houses in the same estate (SCD, near Dundrum) as the original 1988 one now go for 12 times what I paid, having approached a factor of 20 during the bubble.

Bought April 2013 (sale agreed late January) as things only started picking up out my way around then. Only 5 years of being patient for me, but it certainly paid off - reckon I saved at least €100k net of rent. Thankfully the wife trusted me even though there were times she was becoming inpatient. Again thanks to the pin & pinsters, it’s been a pleasure. 8DD

Bought an apartment in 2006, the horror :open_mouth:. It’s been a good home until recently and the whole negative equity thing is mitigated by good rental demand and the obligatory bubble time tracker ECB+0.85%, the plan is to nurse it to close to breakeven and leave the accidental landlord classes. Taken a conservative approach to renting it out, went with what I hope are better tenants over maximum rent, time will tell.

Went sale agreed in April 2013 at what’s close to rock bottom on the register for an equivalent house in the estate, closed in July, gutted the place and are moved in a couple of weeks with a bit of finishing left to do (is any house ever finished?). Hope I’ll be carried out of this one in a box eventually, I don’t want to move ever again. Still struggling to figure out how we had so much stuff in the apartment.

bought in 2005 in the 'burbs, in minor NE at the moment … but rented out and just about break even but strong rental demand.

was planning to build, but bought forever house in 2012 far cheaper than could ever have been built myself. At the peak the asking price was about €1.2m and paid just over €300k.

Bought in 2000 for 140k sold for 311k in 2005 and bought again. Sold that in 2010, moved down the country renting and waiting.

Never aspired to or considered buying as I was coming of age in the boom. Spurred on by the stinginess and incompetence of last landlord, I started researching in winter 2010 and quickly realised that if we bought, our repayments would be less than our rent at the time. Six months later we completed on an executor sale in a location we love. Our repayments are affordable, and rents in our old 'hood have jumped 25-30%. I feel lucky.

Who ticked 2014 all ready and why?

Is your completion date in 2014 and you couldn’t move it to 2013 to get the free property tax?

Bought and sold in 2007 (wish I had known about the pin then)
Hopefully closing sale today, we have been looking for about 2 years

Bought 2006, entrenched negative equity, tiny house, crap area, no hope on the horizon, rents ticking upwards, house already too small for family… but sure without the likes of me would this site even exist? :wink:

Bought one-bed in town in 2003, would take a loss of approx E70,000 if sold in the morning. It rents well, but am paying out approx E1000 p.a. in management fees etc. Bought a two-bed end of terrace in D12 this year for E125,000, 100% cash from inheritance and savings. That’s me cleaned out.

exchanged on wed, completing next week…

lived in london since forever (bought in 91 there), originally was going to buy in ireland around 2000 but after a round the world trip and and no jobs in cork went back to london (and bought a house in 2002).

was watching the irish property market from then onwards with increasing dismay…properties where we wanted to live kept increasing to ever vertiginous heights…

nearly bought in 2007 when £1 = €1.60 so was loaded in one sense… but this was at the absolute height in the location and was bid beyond my comfort zone and wary of the 9% stamp duty…

managed to dodge another bullet or 2… phew… then when i was looking for answers as if it would ever stop i found the pin and learned all i needed to know…

my timing now ? well we were after a specific thing in a specific place and it finally became available … (which we wouldn’t have been able to buy in the past for sure)

if it was there in late 2010 (as sterling went back from almost parity to €1.20)…i would have bought it… if they would have sold it to me at the price i got now which i doubt… expectations were still high in a lot of places…

so no more EUR Wedge on the Edge for me…

many thanks for all the good information on here…

Bought in 2001, started looking again in 2005. Found the Pin in 2007. Sold in 2010, rented, bought in 2013 for mostly cash - proceeds on house sale and savings in the 8 years it took us to find a family home. Am now living the dream (aka reasonable expectation in normal functioning market based on personal circumstances) thanks to a lot of good advice here over the years.

How did you go there + or - % wise on the 2001 price?

8DD Congrats cockney 8DD .
Quick question, did you sell your 2002 purchase and if so, how was that market for you ?

Bought our first house when I got married in '87 sold in '09 and bought the “dream house” in late '09.
first house was €34k I presume punts sold €245k I think currently those houses are around €170k